You Got a Friend

Today was eventful for two reasons.  Firstly, each morning we like having breakfast on the patio and had noticed that we had company.  Two huge green eyes were staring at us from under the cover of the front steps.  Like most tourists and expats, my heart bled for the hundreds of street animals here in Altinkum.  As I had always been taught it was rude not to share your food with company, I developed the habit of leaving some of my scrambled eggs in a small dish on the balcony as I left to help out in the shop.  Upon my return the dish would always be empty.   This morning, success!  The owner of the huge green eyes, buoyed no doubt with hunger, ventured onto the patio.  He was a young black & white cat and as most street animals, clearly not in very good condition.  Because of his similarity to the Felix cat on all the TV adverts back home, I decided to call him after his namesake and thereafter he took up residence under the sunbed.   Unlike my family’s pampered pets back home he would eat anything but his table manners needed a little work.   Intrigued by us, but having no social skills, this friendship was obviously going to be a work in progress – a bit like Ahmet and me!

Secondly as I have many evenings to myself apart from our weekly “date night”, I decided to have a stroll along the beach.   Most of the bars were blaring loud music and the touts doing their best to entice tourists into the karaoke bars.  I wanted something a little quieter so I chose a bar with a few families sat around chatting.  Immediately, an English girl introducing herself as Nadine came over and took my order. Sensing I felt a little uncomfortable she told me she was taking a break shortly and could she come and sit with me?  Over the next half hour, I laughed more than I had since I had arrived.  Nadine had been here seven years and lived with her Turkish boyfriend, so was a font of knowledge of all things Altinkum.  And she either was too polite to comment on my neon candyfloss tresses or she wasn’t wearing her contacts.   We exchanged phone numbers and I slept better that night knowing that I now had two new friends in Tinky Town.


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