Mixed Blessings

Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks full of mixed blessings.  I’ve developed a bit of a routine in that every morning before going to the shop, I bimble down to the beach for a swim about 7am.  En route I wave to the patriarch of the large Turkish Family living in the house opposite our apartment.  Not sure when that started but I can remember him sat on his swing drinking his çay amongst all the junk that he had collected in his garden, including dissembled cars. Despite having a brood bigger than the Waltons, along with a menagerie of animals too, he always manages a smile along with a “Günaydın”.  That smile sets me up for the day

As a small child, I remember overhearing someone say that I didn’t smile enough, so thereafter I made a concerted effort to smile at anything and everything.  Sometime after that, one of my Grandma’s friends asked if I was one of “Jesus’s little sunbeams”.  I never did find out what that meant but have remained a “smiler” throughout my life.

I am always flying solo for my morning dips, on account of Ahmed not being a water baby; as soon as the water reaches his waist, he’s heading back to the shore faster than the “Man from Atlantis”.  As I swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean, with countless small fish for company, I never fail to be awed by my surroundings and count my numerous blessings.  I am now accepted by the other early morning swimmers which tend to be elderly Turkish gentlemen whom I am now on a nodding acquaintance with.  Swim over, I head back to the love shack where Ahmed has my breakfast waiting. 

Most afternoons I stop for my afternoon cup of Earl Grey and catch up on family emails, have a giggle at what my new Facebook friends have been up to (ladies you rock) and read my new cyber friends blogs; laughing at their wit, admiring their photographs and salivating over their recipes. I’ve met some amazing people through my blog, where I am reminded constantly that the web really is worldwide, and long may it continue.  Nothing warms your soul like a kind word or two particularly on one of life’s rainy days.

I don’t have a single drinking glass in the apartment that hasn’t started life in a bar somewhere and we are on a budget tighter than my grandma’s perm.  I’ve had to travel thousands of miles to discover that happiness isn’t about matching Dartington crystal glasses but so far the journey has been so worthwhile.

didim 4

5 thoughts on “Mixed Blessings

  1. Lol, I had to laugh when I read about Ahmet’s relationship with the sea. My boyfriend is just the same, swims for about 2 minutes then it’s back to his lounger and frappe. Must be a Med thing, or an Aegean thing (he’s Greek)!


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