My Dell Went To Hell

It’s the end of civilisation as we know it – or possibly just in my world! The hard drive on my laptop has been fried. And wouldn’t you know it; Ahmed had a “friend” who had a computer shop. Ahmed,a trifle vexed by my constant whingeing, promptly drove me to the shop. I should point out that I have now become accustomed to his erratic driving style and no longer need a sedative before accompanying him on any journey.

The shop was located in a side street and had the obligatory elderly Turkish men sat outside on plastic chairs drinking çay. As we arrived, a huge vested hairy man came out of the shop carrying a rather large hammer in his hands, which were the size of shovels. “Not a chance” I thought and turned to get back in the car, however, Ahmed clearly had other ideas and pressed on laptop in hand. Not having the same emotional attachment to my Tosh, he did not share the same reservations as I. It was then I realised that it was quite possible that I loved my Tosh more than him.

Once inside the dusty little shop, I realised there was no going back. Although, small there were shelves overflowing with computer parts, in fact, every possible surface was covered with some circuit board or other. Ahmed placed my Tosh on the counter and the big man plugged it in and started it up, a Turkish roll-up dangling from his lips throughout. He was neither a big smiler, or a big talker but that was okay if he had magic computer fixing fingers. Having switched my mean machine on, he spoke with Ahmed, who in turn translated “laptop broken”, which didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

As I turned to leave I had this overwhelming urge to run back and say to him “If you damage my baby in any way, I will have to come back and seriously hurt you”. Images of me being restrained by Jandarmes (and not in a Fifty Shades of Grey kinda way either) prevented me from acting upon my impulses.

As we drove off I wondered how we could raise funds for another laptop if Ahmed’s friend was unable and/or incapable of repairing my laptop. I briefly contemplated the fee I would earn if I were to sell Ahmed on Ebay and disregarded it immediately, realising it would be unlikely that I would get enough for a wireless mouse and a wrist rest.

43 thoughts on “My Dell Went To Hell

  1. Ohhhh, scary! I hate when that happens. And it did happen to me too, only a very short time ago as you would have read on my blog. I so empathize! Good luck!


  2. Hi,
    I know the feeling well. I hope they are able to fix your computer for you, it’s times like these you think about all the things that should of been backed up, I was lucky and I got everything that was on my old computer transferred to my new one, now I keep most things on a memory stick.


    • Memory sticks are less reliable than hard drives. The best back up is off site. I regularly backup my stuff by emailing it to myself at different web mail accounts so it’s backed up in at least two places. Encrypt them if you want. There’s also sites like dropbox and syncplicity where you can store documents.


  3. I agree, a clean house is a sign of a broken computer. Our men wonder why we like our computers better than them at times. Our beloved computers do not mess up the kitchen, make us crazy when driving, leave dirty clothes in the bathroom or lose things when they are working correctly. If they fix the computer and I sincerely hope and pray that they do, invest in one or more memory cards and backup constantly to them. Leave nothing on your hard drive that isn’t backed up. So far I’ve left a trail of broken down computers behind me. Laptops are not as tough as desktops and I swear the next computer will be a desktop. I still keep an old HP desktop, so old it still has floppy drives, handy in case. It still works although it was bought used in 2001. Good luck!


  4. Thinking of you! İt’s worse than loosing your arms when you’ve no comp – cut off from the world or somehow worse when you are living abroad. But here’s a bit of hope 🙂 whenever there’s something broke here and Mehmet ‘has a friend’ they usually can fix it 🙂 even the most unlikely looking ‘friend’. Fingers crossed. Hope to hear from you soon. Geçmiş olsun!


  5. Best of luck in getting your “life line” repaired. Broken computers are bad in the US, but your situation with you in Turkey amped that up 10 notches. And as knittinggalore said – geçmiş olsun


  6. ooph – broken computers are the worst! I remember when mine shut down in college – after that I definitely got myself a hard-drive. Good luck with it!


  7. Nightmare! Me and technology are unhappy bedfellows. My “reader” on WP doesn’t want to play with me at present. Hardly dare look this morning in case it’s still sulking.
    Love this post.


      • Best of luck with that! I now use a back-up hard drive…glad I have it as I had another crash and was able to rescue everything.
        To restlessjo when my reader wasn’t playing nice with me I did a couple of things. I emptied all my temporary files to clean up memory. I do that daily before I start using WP. I also downloaded Google Chrome. WP support says it’s the best browser to use. I haven’t had as many issues now that I’ve done this. Hope that helps.


  8. glad youre still able to get to “the keys” despite the computer meltdown. i must say that i have a dell and its proven to be nothing but a tech night mare. i do hope that they fix it for you asap. sending my best to you and the repairman. keep us posted….


  9. Good luck! Being computerless is definitely difficult, particularly as you usually immediately thing of an email you just have to send or something you need urgently to look up on Google. Sigh.


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