When Is A Honeymoon Not A Honeymoon (Part Nine)

As the song said “my bags were packed and I was ready to go” but where was Ahmed? True to form Ahmed was late, one of his less attractive Turkish traits. In just a few hours I would be back in the UK and Ahmed and I would be back to living in different time zones.

As the transfer bus arrived to take us to the airport, there was still no sign of Ahmed.
I was heartbroken, as Ahmed had promised to wave us on our way after calling to the wholesaler. Unfortunately, the holiday rep, who’d been conspicuous by her absence for the duration of the holiday, started to assert her authority by insisting that we board the coach as they were already running late and had more pick-ups. As the driver loaded our cases and we reluctantly climbed aboard the bus, my heart sank and my eyes burned with unshed tears. I kept telling myself to get a grip; after all it was just a holiday romance.

As our apartment disappeared from view, we passed by the Aqua Park, Mavişehir, Apollo Temple and all the other places we had visited.It was almost as if the ancient gods were mocking me by reminding me of every poignant minute. We stopped at various hotels and apartments in and around Altinkum collecting holidaymakers that would be boarding the same plane as us. We’d said our goodbyes to the mad bad captain and the terrible twins the night before, promising to keep in touch via Facebook; the way you always do with fellow travellers and actually seldom do.

As the sights and sounds of Altinkum disappeared from view so did my hopes of seeing Ahmed again. Most of the holidaymakers were a little disappointed to be returning home to their hum drum routine; although none more so than I. Some like my friend were looking forward to sleeping in their own beds and being reunited with their families. For me this holiday had changed me in ways I hadn’t thought possible; so even if Ahmed had been my rebound man, I wouldn’t have changed a single bittersweet moment.

As we pulled up at the airport, I collected my suitcase with a big sigh and heavy heart, having resigned myself to the fact that Ahmed and I were just a holiday fling. We were ushered through security at an alarming rate and to the check-in desks. Whilst I was queuing with my fellow travellers, I heard a distinctive voice shout “Dallas where you are, I am lots coming, going, car big pushing”. It was my Turkish hero!

Apparently Ahmed’s Fiat Doblo had broken down and he had borrowed a “friend’s” dubious looking flatbed truck to get to the airport to catch me before I flew. He then had risked life & limb by sneaking past the machine gun totting guards alongside other tourists. As he rushed towards me sweating and dishevelled, my heart leapt; he’d not forgotten me after all. I fell into his embrace but all too soon he was discovered by security and ushered away none too gently. “Phone my phone” he shouted over his shoulder as he was being dragged away. I admit to being somewhat concerned for him, however, within minutes of him being escorted from the airport terminal, I received a text. “fone my fone sokey I am no going policeman house wen coming Türkiye egen”.

Funnily enough, I had never been so pleased to receive a text and thanked the heavens above for Mr Blackberry. Before I was able to respond we heard an announcement to say our flight was boarding.

temple 2

55 thoughts on “When Is A Honeymoon Not A Honeymoon (Part Nine)

    • Hi Elle! It took us a while to develop our own “Turklish” language although some of his interpretations still make me smile. Thanks for the nomination and as you can see from the last but one post, I eventually got round to addressing it (when my laptop was returned) – hope I did you proud!


  1. I’m in love with your love story! And the never beeing on time is the one thing i truly HATE about my hubby and all his fellow turkish people although I started doing turkish time myself little bit. But big difference between 10 minutes late and 3 hours 😉


  2. It’s the same here in Thailand when it comes to time keeping. The Thais are terrible. If you agree to meet a Thai at a certain time, it is not unusual for them to leave home at the appointed time. Travelling around in a City like Bangkok can be a long process. It’s not worth getting worked up about it, it’s Thai time. lol greetings from the Land Of Smiles. K


  3. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he sneaked past airport security to get to you! If he had tried to pull that stunt in the USA, he most likely would have earned a spot on the No Fly list and been hauled away none too kindly by TSA agents for an intense interrogation! All in the name of love!


    • Fortunately, its completely different in Turkey – you automatically go through security before even checking in and the Turks have very little respect for the authorities here so Ahmed was totally unphased by it all unlike me who was hyperventilating!


  4. I’m so pleased with the happy ending of this post. It’s all very well to logical and philsophical in your head but your heart gets a vote too. I’m sure until you saw him your heart was going “come on Ahmed, where are you”… I know mine was 🙂


  5. I’m so happy for both of you that you’ve had these unforgettable love & life experiences in Turkey… And I’m sure you know that I’m looking forward to your next posts!!! Please go on… Maybe it looks like I’ve been lazy in the last weeks but actually it’s a bit exciting in our life nowadays; just waiting for some life-changing results and collecting all to share soon! 😉


  6. This is so beautifully written. I can almost feel the emotions.

    As what the others have said, you should definitely write a book or a screenplay. 🙂


  7. I got together with my hubby to be whilst on vacation but it’s not nearly the fun story that yours is. Plus I had already known him. I can’t stop now! I need to know what happens next! maybe I’ll dream it up…..and finish the real tale tomorrow 🙂


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