Sisters Are The Crab Grass In The Lawn Of Life

I think it’s fair to say that the fights my sister and I have had are legendary. Over the years we have “knocked lumps off” each other during some wrestling bout or other. No one has the power to wound and irritate like a sibling. Fortunately, I have to say that our physical rumbles stopped when my sister got married and I think that was only because she had someone else to beat up then!

One particular incident has come back to bite me on the arse on more than one occasion. I recollect that one day as small children whilst we were playing aeroplanes; you know the game where you grab someone by the ankle and arm and lift them off the ground to spin them around? Being the tallest sibling, I was always the spinner whilst my sister was the one being spun.

My Darling Nieces Ayesha & Danielle

I became tired and a little dizzy myself and inadvertently managed to bash my sister’s head against the lounge wall. Fortunately, for my mother’s immaculate Laura Ashley wallpaper, it was a bloodless incident; although to this day you can still see the faint indentation where my sister’s head collided with the wall. Frankly, we were lucky indeed that my mother’s Edinburgh crystal and Royal Doulton had survived the impact; had that happened we may have been put up for adoption.

Of course, we’re a lot older now!

I seem to remember that as a result of this incident, I was on restricted privileges for a week whilst my sister was elevated to invalid and golden child status.

My sister has continued to milk that particular injury throughout the years; constantly reminding me that she will be on medication for the rest of her life for crippling headaches as a result of that particular childhood accident! Although, I think most of her headaches have been caused by the kids and her rather good friend Remy Martin!

Your sister is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defence attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child. ~Barbara Alpert

We love F.A.D. xxx

75 thoughts on “Sisters Are The Crab Grass In The Lawn Of Life

  1. Great post and great photos! I did some things to my sister (because she made me SO angry, she thought she was so much better than me, what did she know, ha!) that shall remain unwritten, haha. Thanks for bringing back the memories! (I think.) – Kaye


    • Thank you they’re a lot older now in fact one is going to uni and the other is going in the army so I don’t think they’re going to thank me for posting their pictures but public humiliation is what families do best!


  2. Oh yes, the bond between sisters. I have one, so I know all about it.
    Oh, that reminds me…
    Its my turn to call my sister, I better get right on that, I wouldn’t want her getting mad.
    Adorable nieces you have (thanks to your sister, I presume?)


  3. A bit of blood on the Laura Ashley might have livened it up! My brother has an indentation in the middle of his forehead – ‘golfing’ accident. We were good friends before! My sister was Violet Elizabeth Bott 😉


  4. Ahhhh, sister memories. I was the older (and perfect, of course). She was the bad one. Always getting into trouble. My sister moved back to England many years ago and unfortunately we never talk or see each other. Perhaps that’s for the best as we never got along. But she did produce a wonderful daughter who lives with her husband and two darling little boys in California, and whom I am close to.
    Your title for this post is perfection, btw.


      • Teenagers are into their own lives, becoming adults, and most think they know everything (and that the aunties are OLD), but hang in there, send an email every now and then to keep in touch, and eventually (as you say, when they have their own families), they will start to realize how important family is, and they might even think you are pretty cool for running off to Turkey to make a new life.


  5. My sisterly escapades included giving her the worst haircut of her life… 😉 These days we’re two peas in a pod. Funny how time can change things.


  6. Ouch! I can feel the pain of your sister. But she produce lovely children! Me and my brother were also always fighting, maybe that’s the reason he moved to Australia? haha, he also managed to produce awesome kids, there must be some correlation there 🙂


  7. Can´t comment on having a sister, because I don´t have one – but when you mentioned your Mum´s Royal Doulton I immediately though of Mrs Bouquet´s Candle-light suppers! 🙂


  8. My sister and I had terrible fights too. Once she bashed me over the elbow with the pressure cooker. That was really sore. We always has scratches on the backs of our hands, which we tried to hide from our mom. Thankfully were the best of friends now, although I still sense the rivalry on occasion. 🙂


  9. Oh Tink…as soon as I read the title I ran hopped my broom to Turkey. I am one of 4, tho the only girl, who fought like cats and dogs. I had a legendary temper and I was a thrower (i’ve spoken of this i think 😉 ) and I look back now and thank God I never killed one of them. What we do as children hopefully stays in our childhood…but when it comes to siblings, that is NEVER the case. It can make for some verrrrry interesting ‘discussions’ as adults. Funny how very little it takes for us to regress back to ‘those times’ isn’t it? I feel for you, I truly do. I think that’s why we have girlfriends…to balance the ‘sister act’.


      • That’s a question for the ages my friend. And just know this…you are NOT alone in this. I still find myself biting my tongue (literally, it was a thing I did and when the brothers saw this, they ran like hell) when I hear them speak of incidents of long ago that still live in my chamber of childhood horrors. I’d like to say we will grow out of it, but as I’m just shy of 50 and 2…I’d likely be lying! I guess the best we can hope for is that, while we still find ourselves there, maybe each time it gets easier to find our way back. Hang in there kiddo…btw..what kind of relationship did your sister’s girls have growing up? any marks?


      • Ha! There ya go…poetry in motion yeah? Hope your sister appreciates the irony. Most of us are able to see ourselves in our children…especially when they fight. Sometimes that goes a long way toward getting that snarky adolescent out of our own heads…but then again sometimes it just makes us laugh! (and maybe cringe a little) 🙂


  10. My half sisters are much younger than me, so we never had those sister issues but even so, I love having sisters, and with them the honesty that is so well evidenced in your last sentence [before the quote] 🙂


  11. Love this post! My younger sister and I are really close and have only gotten closer as we’ve gotten older. She once slammed my thumb in a door, causing me to pass out cold. Love her to death though!


  12. When my mom was young, maybe 4 years old, she somehow whacked her little sister on the head with a small toy hammer, and we hear about it every single time my aunt gets even slightly tipsy…this totally reminded me of that!


  13. When I was at uni I had a friend who -when she was 6- put her baby sister in the oven. Her parents looked for the baby for ages and were getting frantic when at last she admitted it and showed them where it was! Thank goodness she didn’t know how to turn the oven on! Now that’s an evil big sister. Unfortunately my brother was too big to fit in ours 😉


  14. really beautiful post about sister love. I totally agree with that. Unfortunately for me this ended a couple of years ago when my beloved sister was taken away from us. So make sure you speak to her, hug her, love her (and fight with her if necessary) and then do it even more!!!!


  15. Too funny! I (might) still remind my older sister of the time she poured orange juice on top of my head. Her excuse it she thought it was a jug of water. We’re pretty good friends now but she has a special connection with my oldest child and I have a special connection with her youngest one 🙂

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