Laugh & The World Laughs With You; Snore & You Sleep Alone!

I have returned to a cold, wet and windy UK with the disposition of a provoked Portuguese Man O’War and a face like a bulldog chewing a thistle.

It’s the Cats’ House; we just pay the mortgage

Not assisted in any way by the fact that my sister, not wanting me to rely on my parents for funds, has thoughtfully lined up an interview for me with my old firm; as my former employer would say “every little helps!”

It would also appear that there has been a feline coup in my parents’ spare room during my absence. All four cats have taken over the room choosing to ignore the various luxury quilts and baskets situated throughout the house. The snoring, drooling and endless hair shedding is causing sleepless nights and has prompted them to reluctantly move out – well no one’s perfect!

It’s a hard life!

66 thoughts on “Laugh & The World Laughs With You; Snore & You Sleep Alone!

      • Yes, sounds from what you say that Hobo is suffering particularly. Love the idea that he’ll be greeting everyone tonight 😉 We all hope that our monstrous pets will never spend even a day having to live like a Turkish street animal. Everything good back with A and family?


      • Absolutely right about the street animals – more heartbreak sometimes than I can handle! It’s difficult contacting Ahmed in Maras where’s he working in the factory – I have to wait until he can get to an internet cafe and he will probably be working the opposite shifts to mine! Needless to say I will buying a lottery ticket tonight!


  1. I don’t know . . . it looks as if the felines have the sweeter end of the deal; at least they have a spot on the bed! My Chihuahua, who weighs no more than 8 lbs has this great talent for spreading her diminutive girth. I don’t know how she does it . . .

    Your cats are pretty darn cute!

    ~ Cara


    • I think that may be an animal speciality, I sometimes have just a few inches of the bed to myself! Bedtimes is now a race to see who can get there first! Particularly, as when my Dad announces “Daddy bedtime”, all our furry four-legged friends sprint up the stairs.


  2. Never under estimate cat power. Maybe have a quiet word to Bast (goddess of cats) to see if she can swing a mutally benefical arrangement – you go back to Turkey, the cats get full return of their bed rights 🙂


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