Trick Or Treat?

Whilst I was doling out the Halloween sweets this year ably assisted by my sidekick super cat “One speed Hobo” who usually stations himself by the carved pumpkin on Halloween as only good black cats can; I was struck by the difference in behaviour between Turkish and most English children; particularly, when a group of unruly fourteen year old youths, banged on the door demanding treats. Turkish children are taught from a very early age to respect adults and would be heartily discouraged from bad behaviour.

I know the candy is in here somewhere

The youths had made no attempt at fancy dress; just hoodies and scarves which covered the lower half of their faces giving them the appearance of gangsters. I can only imagine how intimidating this would have been for an elderly person living alone and fully understand how many of them dread Halloween, even to the point of switching off all their lights and bolting their doors.

Whilst the youths stood at our door commanding sweets, pulling on poor old Hobo’s tail amid a tirade of obscenities, I felt disinclined to extend any hospitality at all and was less than impressed when they threatened the smaller children who had also come calling. Had this been in different circumstances I would have probably resorted to a can of pepper spray and a Taser gun set to stun.

My Hero

However, I was startled by a low growling which appeared to be coming from Hobo! Yes, Hobo the Barry White of the cat world, infamous for being a lover not a fighter. The acne pimply faced youth pulling on his tail immediately released it and jumped backwards, yelling all sorts of expletives. “He’s vicious, should be put down” he yelled at me whilst he and his friends sped up the drive. Apparently, size does matter and Hobo, well he is the size of a small Shetland pony!

During this heated exchange, Hobo already unconcerned with the proceedings was wrapping himself around the legs of some of the younger children whilst they squealed with laughter. After handing out the last of the sweets, the smallest of the children dressed as a delicate fairy beckoned me and as I bent down she whispered in my ear “he’s magic you know” gesturing to Hobo.

I looked at her small earnest face and I winked at her conspiratorially, whilst putting my finger to my lips and said “I rather think he is but let’s keep it just between us”.

78 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat?

  1. God bless Hobo! Unfortunately my black cat is afraid of his own shadow but I like to think he’d step in to save me if I needed him!


  2. Hobo’s a hero. Perhaps he’s a black panther (the cat kind) in disguise. But what in the world is wrong with so many teenagers today? I don’t remember anyone being that way when I was that age, back in the olden days.


  3. We lost our black cat — LBK (Little Black Kitty) just before Halloween last year. This past September, the scrawniest, sorriest looking black cat we’d ever seen wandered into our property. Much to our 14-year-old calico cat’s distress, we dubbed this new arrival Scraggles and started feeding her. We’ve taken her in for her shots and to be spayed and we just celebrated our 1st Halloween together. She’s gone from a balding cat with dull fur and being so thin you thought her shoulder blades would poke through her skin to a hale and hearty kitty with thick, shiny fur.


    • I was once told by an elderly volunteer at a rescue centre, that you don’t choose cats; they choose you. And your beautiful story just confirms that! Maybe you needed her and she most certainly needed you. I wish you & Miss Scraggles many happy times together


      • Very, very true about animals choosing you — with the exception of Ally, our calico, every dog and cat we’ve had as been a stray who won our hearts. Even the little dog my step-son got when he was small was a rescue dog from a shelter. LBK showed up during Hurricane Ike and we just had to let her take shelter from the storm; Scraggles showed up during a period of extreme heat (‘though not as bad as the drought we had last year), and we just knew that if she didn’t get food and water ASAP, she wouldn’t live to see the end of the week.

        The only thing scraggly about Scraggles now is that she’s missing her front teeth (nothing between her seriously sharp front fangs), but she doesn’t seem to let that bother her — she’s one hearty cat, now, even bigger than our LBK was!


  4. Should change the title of the post to Thick or Threat? The kids in France tend to be so incredibly polite you sometimes have to do a double take – yes, that sullen looking chap in the hoodie did just say good morning and open the door for you! At least Hobo came to your (and his) rescue with that well timed warning. Keep a couple of cream pies handy for next time 😀


    • Hobo is usually the most placid of cats and is brilliant with youngsters even those that pull his tail. Even when he had his car accident the vet nurses said he never once hissed, bit or scratched anyone even when he was obviously in pain so I somehow think he just knew. Unfortunately, it’s a sign of the times here when you are scared to open your door because of a small minority


    • The shelter named him Hobo as he was brought back to them five times before he was six months old but I must say it suits him. As he’s always sleeping in gutters, isn’t big in the grooming department; a lick & a spit and he’s good to go!


  5. Hobo is magic 🙂 and also handy as a live Halloween decoration and bodyguard. I too had a black who was a bit hit & miss in the grooming department but the loveliest of natures… wouldn’t/couldn’t kill a thing oh, except for one Mother’s Day bird gift…eeewwh, which I feel badly ungrateful about now… it’s the thought that counts. Give Hobo a pat for me please 🙂 BTW, 14 year old hairy under arm boys with bad attitudes I’m sure are ineligible for Halloween treats… maybe next year a height measure the real kids need to fit under, although Hobo had it under control.


  6. I LOVE this!! Had to read it aloud to my parents 🙂 (they too loved it ^.^)

    Good for Hobo for scaring off the mean children!! My friends and I wouldn’t give candy to teens who weren’t dressed up – but we had strength in numbers. Glad you were able to give the last of your candy to the deserving littles 🙂


  7. Just checking your blog out for the first time, and came across this story — loving cats and kids as I do, not to mention the well-written word, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I found you! Looking forward to exploring more.


  8. Kids in Western countries these days can be so rude! But I’ve seen such behavior in Korea and in Oman as well, so I’m not sure it’s just confined to Westerners! Sounds like Hobo has great radar!


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  10. What a great story! I also have a big black cat who joins in at Halloween. I’m lucky in that even the ‘lads’ in our estate are pretty well-behaved. Go Hobo! 🙂


  11. Bless his fur Hobo is 11? Nylablue is approx 13 yrs old. I made her birthday mine so Xmas Eve she turns 14 (altho’ she might already be that age).
    Chloe Hellcat…now THAT is a great name!
    I wil have to do some more resding of your blog….you aure have had/are having an interesting life!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0


  12. Lovely to meet you Dallas! I have seen you around WP & always read your comments….
    You are by no means ordinary the way you turned your life around! I admire & respect women who turn lemons in lemonade (so to speak). In fact, it sounds like we are rather similar.
    Yes we are totally blessed & lucky to have such wonderful 4 leggeds in our lives.
    I just sent link to our ABOUT page to you (I finally updated it) & I have decided to FOLLOW your blog too….
    Nylablue said to tell you she adores Hobo already 😉 She is a bit of a *hussy* LOL.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0

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