Friday! My Second Favourite F Word!

Had to share this with you, the very lovely Gunta over at Movin’On sent me this today as she said she saw this stuck to a car window and thought of me! As some of you are aware I plan to grow old disgracefully living like Miss Haversham from Great Expectations, slewed off my face on gin and smelling of cat pee! I’ve successfully conquered the gin aspect but I still have a ways to go with the cats. I haven’t stopped laughing since I opened it; thank you Gunta, this little gesture bought a whole lot of sunshine into my afternoon.


Have a happy & safe weekend my friends!

39 thoughts on “Friday! My Second Favourite F Word!

  1. Very cute. Someone posted a picture to my Facebook wall that was along the same lines some months ago; it’s a photo of about 10 or 15 cats and kittens in a cardboard box, with the caption: Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit. That picture had me laughing for days!


  2. I am so totally happy to bring some sunshine into your life! I may go prowling through parking lots to see if I can find some more like this. Either that or go visiting some redneck trailer parks…. πŸ˜‰


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