I have a confession – my Dad is a cyber-stalker! When I returned home from Turkey my Dad, curious about the number of hours I spent at my laptop, wanted to know what all the fuss was about. At this point he started taking an interest in a number of blogs, Wivi @ my guilty pleasures for her music, Hayley @ tall tales for her travels around the UK & Gallipoli, Phil @ Phil Lanoue Photography for his outstanding wildlife pictures, Animalcouriers for all their gorgeous passengers, Madhu’s breathtaking travel pictures @ The Urge To Wander and lastly Kaye @ latebloomershow for her gardening blog and the filmed episodes of her gardening programme “Late Bloomer”. This has led to some very interesting discussions around our dinner table and what were once my blogging friends are now “our” blogging friends.

Some of you will know that my shelf putter upper father is a keen gardening enthusiast and in addition to our garden, keeps a plot at a local allotment. Subsequently, it was hard for him not to notice that the lovely Kaye Kittrell was far more easier on the eye than the UK gardening Guru, Alan Titchmarsh and knew how to swing a pickaxe. I’m sure Kaye will just relish that outstanding testimonial; after all isn’t that what every woman wants to hear!

When the latest edition of “Late Bloomer” is posted my Dad insists on leaving his shed early as he tells the rest of the “boys” at the allotment (not one under the age of sixty-five) that he has a date with a lady friend and rushes home for a lengthy wash and brush up; with a liberal, and I do mean liberal application of aftershave. He then sits down in front of the computer to watch the video along with a notepad & pen, but always freeze frames after the intros, so he can say “hello” to Kaye – I kid you not! He will watch it a further three times, “in case he’s missed something”, enthusiastically writing down any recommendations & tips that Kaye may have made.

To be fair he does take a lot of good-natured teasing from the allotment boys and the family about his hobby. In fact, in Marks & Spencers at the weekend when he was buying a sweater he actually asked me whether Kaye would like him in blue? Sorry Dad, but if you’re reading this I hate to break the news, but Kaye can’t actually see you!

Check out the latest edition of “Late Bloomer” yourself and the lovely Kaye Kittrell

Stalking Is When Two People Have A Conversation And Only One Of Them Knows About It

63 thoughts on “Stalking Is When Two People Have A Conversation And Only One Of Them Knows About It

  1. Your Dad, is a star …. I would love to meet him – but you better warn him that I don’t have any green fingers and I’m not a later bloomer neither. And I must admit that Kaye is lovely.
    I have to visit Southampton and my friends there this year. So warn him I’m on the go.
    And I don’t like men in blue sweaters. *laugher.
    You should let him read my jokes … men vs. women.


  2. Well, I have to say this lovely post almost takes the pain away from an ankle sprain I incurred last evening. Not a great way to start the New Year! Tell your dad I am most pleased! Also, I should have another episode online within the week. It would have been done before the New Year, but my editors were tied up with other projects and I have to wait my turn. Thanks a million for sharing this lovely bit with me. I look forward to meeting your dad one day! – Kaye


  3. My dad would have loved Kaye, too. He was also a gardening fanatic. You’d never catch him wearing a blue sweater (laughing). Perhaps that’s because he lived his later years in Las Vegas where the days are hot, hot, hot. At any rate, do get your dad to start a blog, and put some gardening videos on it. We’d all love to tune in.


  4. My dad just got a laptop but am not brave enough to let him know about my blog yet lol I think it is great you have someone to discuss what you read over the dinner table with


  5. Well Kaye is quite the dish so I can certainly see your dad’s point of view so to speak.
    You know…I’m sitting here wishing I could join him and his pals one day at the allotment.
    It would surely be a day to remember I’m guessing. Can’t be too much different then our local Moose Lodge I reckon. 🙂
    And hey D, thanks a bunch for the kind mention, I appreciate it greatly! 😀


      • sounds like my mum “it’s disappeared but I didn’t touch anything!!” (either talking about something on the PC or on her tv screen…)


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