He’ll Have To Go

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet and makes the stars shine brighter. It also improves your flexibility and promotes an overall sense of well-being. In Dallas world after a couple of Babychams, my sister, Beverley Big Pants & I think we’re dancing queens although there is a distinct lack of rhythm but what we lack in skill we make up for in enthusiasm and volume much to my nieces’ embarrassment. In fact the only time I ever look good dancing is if I’m next to my dad at a wedding!

Although my Dad is supposed to be a bit of a Fred Astaire when the mood takes him;Image (3) I understand that my parents’ courting involved a few Quicksteps and the odd Foxtrot although my mum insists that he used to tread all over her feet. It’s hard to imagine my wellie-wearing Dad enjoying anything that doesn’t need planting or pruning but apparently notImage (2) only does he know his promenades from his box step but there was a time when he cut a mean figure in the Victoria Hall Ballroom in Halifax.

So it was no surprise to me when he dragged me along to Senior Citizens’ Day at the local DIY superstore when they offer a small discount to anyone brandishing a bus pass. In keeping with the theme, music of a certain era is piped through the public address system and there are various demonstrations throughout the store. My Dad appropriately dressed in his cloth cap, pencil firmly fixed behind his ear and retractable tape measure in hand set off for the store in the old jalopy with me riding shotgun.

Once inside the store he made straight for the shelving; where else! I should mention that the real reason my Dad takes along his tape measure is so that other shoppers stop him to ask for his advice mistakenly thinking he is a professional. On this particular day as my Dad was singing along to Jim Reeves and Nat King Cole, he was stopped by two ladies who asked him for some guidance and they got chatting. Somehow during their laughter filled conversation my Dad ended up waltzing them around the aisle much to the amusement of other shoppers and when they’d finish they got a round of applause.

For our return performance, I’m having the slogan “Available for Stand Up & Pantomime” printed on the back of his shirt.

65 thoughts on “He’ll Have To Go

  1. …..and look how smartly dressed they were in those pictures!! probably most people in the store were jealous as seeing such an accomplished dancer, wishing they could have his skills and passion (both with his feet and at DIY…) love your dad, as usual!


  2. I love dancing, there is nothing like it! Would have loved to waltz down the isle at the DIY shop! Unfortunately I really suck at it but like you I make up for it with enthusiasm 😉 By the way, excellent idea about the tape measure, I might just try that too one time!


    • It is indeed my Da as a nineteen year old with one or two of his teenage girlfriends. Since he’s been housebound he’s been going through his old photos and reckons he doesn’t have any of him and my mother dancing, so he’ll be on corned beef sandwiches for the rest of the week!


  3. Your opening line was stellar Tink…you have a great story telling way about you…and I agree with the rest of your avid fans…you Dad sounds like MY kinda guy..and yes, I’d dance in the aisles right along with him…xoxo


  4. There are some people who light up a room when they enter – your Dad is one of those who give the world joy and laughter. (The apple does not fall far from the tree.)


      • My aunt was named Sunbeam after a first nations lady who was beloved by many. Years later, my aunt met someone call “Sunbeam,” too. And yet, she was named after the same lady. So I think your Grandma has the right of things – there are people who are “one of the Lord’s little sunbeams.”


    • I’m surprised he hasn’t been thrown out by store security the amount of time he spends there – he’s on first name terms with all the staff and when they wave to him, he tells me that they all know him there – yep Dad they think you’re a crazy stalker!


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