Finding Nemo

An ear-splitting scream shattered the neighbourhood that morning as the young Swedish au pair who had moved in alongside the young family into the house opposite, came running down the drive bawling. Fearing the worst, both Dad and I hightailed it into their house to be confronted by six-year-old Sophie and her younger sister Emily crying at the top of the stairs. Neither of them appeared to be hurt, however, water had begun to flow down the stairs and it appeared to be coming from the bathroom.

Upon closer inspection after wading through a few inches of water, it seemed that the toilet was blocked. Young Sophie informed me that both mummy and daddy had gone to work leaving them in the safe hands of Camilla, the au pair, who was shrieking at the water pouring through the bathroom floor into the kitchen below.

As my Dad can always be relied on in any crisis; he immediately switched off the power and located the water stopcock before we started investigating any further. Sophie stood forlornly in the bathroom as my Dad ascertained that there was a substantial blockage in the bathroom pipes. I tried to comfort Sophie whilst young Emily told me that they were both upset because their pet guinea pig Mr Giggles had died the night before. I suggested that we all pop across the road to our house for a nice piece of chocolate cake when Sophie started to howl like a banshee whilst telling me that she was pretty sure that her parents were going to ground her.

Puzzled I asked if she had done something to cause the flood and in between sobs, she told me that she had decided to give Mr Giggles a burial at sea just like her mummy had done with their goldfish Nemo when he had died. As she didn’t want Nemo to be on his own anymore, she had despatched Mr Giggles in the same way.

Sadly a professional needed to be called and my Dad had to calmly explain several times over the telephone to the plumber that a portly ginger guinea pig was the cause of the blockage. I secretly thought that the plumber would be dining out on that particular story for sometime to come.


75 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. You see, kids pick up everything they shouldn’t …. Nemo down the toilet … everything goes.
    And the logic in the kids thinking …. Nemo don’t have to be alone anymore now.
    It’s such fun story, but also very heart warming … because that is the way kids thinks – very logic, but not always the right move.
    Great post – wonderful to have you back with me. *smile
    Give dad a hug from me .. *smile


  2. Sometimes I get the feeling that your neighborhood is like that old show Keeping Up Appearances (they show old reruns on PBS, the same channel that airs Downton Abbey in the States). You cannot just make this stuff up.

    Would have loved to see the plumber’s face when he arrived to unblock the toilet! Also I’m assuming a stopcock in your country would be a toilet plunger in the US? Because stopcock definitely brings other images to mind lol.


    • My mum is just like Hyacinth and our neighbourhood probably is very similar! In England, a stopcock is a tap for the water mains which you can find in most houses. I don’t think there would have been a plunger big enough to retrieve Mr Giggles!


  3. Oh my gosh! This is exactly what i was talking about when I commented on your last post. You tell a tale like no other, Dallas. This was hilarious, yet heartwarming. Poor Sophie and Emily. Poor Mr. Giggles. πŸ™‚ And I still love your dad.


  4. LOL to the story and to the comments above!! what is a stopcock….. ? lost in translation across the pond, it seems… πŸ™‚


  5. Oh dear poor Mr Giggles, but at least he was dead when given the burial at sea. Unlike the TWO guinea pigs belonging to our next door neighbour that ended up as 2 big bulges inside a rather large carpet python. He had wriggled into their cage then couldn’t get back out again because of the guinea sized bumps.


  6. BAHhaha! My dad told us he flushed our hamsters when they died. I STILL don’t know if he actually did or not! That toilet was just a regular toilet, but it was Herculean!!!


  7. Can’t believe what just happened – weird coincidence! I was about to comment on your hilarious post above when Milo sprang after something on the carpet in my office. It was a gecko (small lizard). They are supposed to eat mosquitos but they poo all over the walls and we still have loads of mosquitos so they are considered unwelcome guests. I scooped it up with a sheet of paper and despatched it down the loo, maybe HE will find Nemo somewhere.


  8. So good to have you back, now that I’m back, too….. sort of. Still trying to catch up, but getting there.
    Your stories are so worth saving and savoring.


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