It Was All Started By A Little Mouse

Chloe, the Koi Carp Thief is thankfully the only real mouser in our rescue cat quartet; Hobo on the other hand who only has one gear, reverse, will only be tempted by slow, elderly or infirmed quarry. So it was no surprise when she brought in a little vole the other morning and promptly dropped it in the middle of the lounge where it scurried away under my mother’s armoire for safety. Not wanting the little creature to end up as Chloe’s supper, she was exiled to the kitchen where I sought my mother’s help as my Dad was down at the allotment checking on his dahlias.

My mother was unhappy about my rodent search & rescue mission and declined my request for help with those immortal words “I can’t Deborah, I’m eating a yoghurt”. As I pointed out unless she wanted gnawed soft furnishings, she was going to have to gird her loins and assist me with the task in hand. We stacked all the furniture in the middle of the lounge and managed to corner the terrified little creature behind the curtains; the plan was that when I moved the drapes, my mother would move in with an empty washing up bowl. As I prepared to lift up the damask curtains, I noticed that my mother had inched a few yards away with the capture receptacle. I pointed out that as the vole only had little legs it was unlikely that he was a long distance runner and insisted she move nearer.

As I gingerly moved the curtains, the little vole made a dash for it and a high-speed chase ensued. At some point during this mad half hour, I took over the responsibility for the washing up bowl and did briefly manage to capture said vole. However, once inside the bowl he managed an Olympian high jump out of it; who’d have known that a tiny vole was that athletic!

Hot & flustered my mother and I decided to take a break, whilst she went for tea, I opened the patio doors and promptly sat down on the furniture mountain in the middle of the room surveying the disarray. It was during our tea break that we noticed the little rodent scurry alongside the far wall and warily make it’s way through the patio doors and ultimately freedom. He looked back at us one last time; as if to say chaos, disorder and destruction, my work here is done!

Chief Humper & Lumper

Chief Humper & Lumper

43 thoughts on “It Was All Started By A Little Mouse

  1. You’re a better person than me; I would have screamed and then stood on top of the furniture pile, praying for the vole to evaporate or something!


  2. I love mince … but not indoors … but they are so cute. So happy for everyone involved that he was able to leave by his own will. He had a great fun so long as the show lasted. A Lovely story with the best ending. *smile


    • He’s in my bad books today as he had this wee thing in his jaws and when I tried to retrieve it, he sucked it up cartoon style where only his tail was protruding from between his teeth. However, when I held him by upside down the mouse popped out soaking wet and a wee bit traumatised but managed to scurry away but as you know that’s the joy of owning a black cat


  3. I think I would have simply opened the door in the first place and gently chased the poor thing with a broom. I am with your mother on this one, I don’t do captures of rodents!

    Wonderful writing, funny.


  4. So glad you offered a picture of Vole… couldn’t imagine what he looked like. Chloe sounds familiar… the sort of room mate I’ve always had… Thanks for the story.


      • It’s heart breaking some of the time… but really when you think about it… it’s the difference between nature, and a child’s toy. The best cats are the ones that could survive in a dark forest. We can still make friends with them. But if they’re too house broken, we miss out on a lot.


  5. You so totally cracked me up with this one. I have so missed your stories. (even if I am way behind on trying to catch up with all incoming blogs.)


  6. Well done little vole and congrats to you for convincing your mom that animal rescue was more important than yogurt. I, unfortunately, have a group who are all proficient hunters. Even little Pixels managed to catch her first mouse a few days ago. Rescue operations are standard procedure here. I wonder what a normal life would be like?


  7. Oh yeah – been there, done that, got numerous tee shirts … exhausting & frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve found the answer : a pair of long-handled braii-tongs (barbecue tongs). Works like a charm. I’ve rescued mice, shrews, frogs, and birds with my braai-tongs. Can’t live without them.


  8. Can’t stop laughing at your mother’s ‘immortal words’, and at the mental image of the two of you running behind that poor (smart?) vole 😆 Did I say I was glad you are back?


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