Aim For The Moon; If You Miss, You Might Just Hit a Star!

I’ve made the papers and not in a “kiss & tell” kind of a way either as predicted by my old headmistress. In fact the closest I ever got to a celebrity was when Kevin Costner whizzed past me on a golf buggy in Istanbul airport and I restrained myself from running after it stalker-like screaming “Kev I love you”; as I knew I may have been detained by security and my story could have ended so very differently.


So how surprised was I when on one of my trips to the tatty little Kahramanmaraş internet café, where everyone knew my name, to open up an email from Andy Probert, the editor of Voices, Tinky Town’s English printed newspaper asking if he could serialise the Honeymoon Stories.

There and then an uncoordinated and very vocal happy dance was performed to the bewilderment of the other clientele who had already become accustomed to the craziness of this English woman.

I owe a big debt of thanks to Andy, who is a journalist of some twenty-six years standing both in the UK and Turkey, for taking a chance on me. I am pleased to report so far so good and no posse has been ‘rounded up to run me out of Tinky Town just yet.

To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author. Charles Caleb Colton

97 thoughts on “Aim For The Moon; If You Miss, You Might Just Hit a Star!

  1. I am excited, excited, excited for you! Did I not tell you before, that you would be famous!!! Pretty soon YOU will be the one in the golf cart with people running after you! I am celebrating your success. Whatever you do, I know that you will be remarkable.


  2. If I wasn’t still tired from my recent trip, I would have done a happy dance, too!!! Way to go Tinky!!! I am so utterly thrilled for you…. may many more great things be coming your way soon. God knows you deserve them.


    • Now that would be fab Gunta, as clearly I am not cut out for nursing or shelf stacking and my technique for putting flea powder on cats leaves rather a lot to be desired too. Loving all your new pics too – have you any more stormy scenes for me ?


      • There’s a whole lot more coming, I’m just being slow at posting or perhaps I just want you to savor each one in its own time. I think today’s might be considered a bit stormy?


  3. Congratulations – though it’s only what you deserve. You have a great voice and a wonderful way of making your reader feel part of a conspiracy! I hope it’s the start of big things to come for your writing xxx


    • Bless you Aisha; I’d love to think that other opportunities will be out there for me but I guess that’s all in the hand of destiny. Incidentally, laughed and cried with your cowboy post yesterday; thought it was really special


  4. Congratulations! Great news! And there’s nothing to stop you self-publishing for free on Kindle, it really isn’t too difficult and you’d be a real fully fledged author with your own book.


  5. I would have done a happy dance with you. They would have stared doubly hard, it would have been frightful. So happy for you, I loved the Honeymoon stories, these are absolutely deserving to received a wide readership. You will need to buy beautiful scarves and dark glasses to hide you identity so you are not stalked by fans in stores!

    I love you Dad!


    • Fortunately, the newspaper is printed in Turkey and they have a relatively small readership so won’t have to buy any scarves just yet – or I could use the ones that my sisters-in-law insisted I wear which make me look like a pantomime dame


  6. That’s brilliant, well done. One question though – shouldn’t you have run after Kevin screaming I will ALWAYS love you 🙂


  7. A dream come true!!! Congratulations (though that doesn’t seem to say it, does it?). Such a HUGE and wonderful opportunity – I would definitely be over the moon, back around Jupiter and possibly landed back to Earth 🙂 So happy for you and well deserved!


  8. The Honeymoon Stories were too good to reside forever within the WordPress world… they need to be out in the big wide world… where surely a laugh is needed. Good on Andy Probert, and good on you 🙂


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