Every Picture Tells A Story

Whilst I was reading through some of your blogs on Sunday, I came across a post by the human picture regarding creativity; the pictures along with the thoughtful narrative just drew me in. I have always loved monochrome pictures as I find them enigmatic and atmospheric not to mention very old Hollywood. There’s something about certain pictures that just speak volumes to me and before I know it, I’m already weaving a story around it. I love the idea of a fleeting moment in time captured for all eternity. Whilst I am not at all talented with a camera, I most certainly admire those with a natural gift and I can appreciate the amount of patience and hard work required to produce some of the spectacular pictures that I see daily in your posts.

There are so many gifted photography bloggers on WordPress and as I’m not one of them, I am hoping to hook up with one or two of you who are happy to provide the pictures for a couple of my stories. So over the next few days I hope that I can bring you a joint project. Why don’t you give it a go but don’t forget to ask first for permission and link back to the blogs concerned. I’d love to see any of your collaborations so please let us know and maybe this might be the start of many. Oh and don’t forget this is just for fun and because you can ……

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much more.
Helen Keller

kindly provided by my diva photographic side-kick who only "does" landscapes!

kindly provided by my diva photographic side-kick (My Dad) who only “does” landscapes!

46 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells A Story

  1. I do love your diva sidekick!! I agree there are so many wonderful photographers within our community. The quote is perfect! Looking forward to the collaborations…


  2. You are blessed to have ‘the dad’ as the sidekick. I know, cause mine is my fishin bud. Great idea Tink…I’d like to see some of those collaborations myself. I’m willing if anyone wants to grab me or mine…just give a shout. (nice shot pops) 🙂


  3. Hi Dallas. I very much enjoy your writing, and your welcome to use some of my pictures for illustrations of your fine stories. If you wish, you can contact me at humpict[at]gmail.com.


  4. I don’t have your talent for story telling, but feel free to use any image of mine that might inspire you… 😀 It would be an honor indeed!


  5. Thanks for your message – really great landscape photos and agree about monochrome – it’s so creative. Maybe I’ll try it in a blog… Although I’d like to participate in some special projects, while traveling solo it would be difficult – really have to pay attention and the travel blog is about all I can manage. When I return home in September my postings will be fewer – and not as fun – and I will have more time then.   Regards :o)


      • I’m on the move again Friday to Zagreb. Trying to figure out when it’s OK to head into Hungary and Czech Republic. Kinda feeling like I need to stay in one place for a few weeks and be lazy…

        A mess in Istanbul – hope it gets sorted. Really liked the time in Turkey!

        Ciao for now :o)


  6. I love the picture you used here, lovely. Your dad takes wonderful landscapes. Your idea is great, I hope you find many willing to collaborate with you, you are a gifted storyteller so I can’t imagine you won’t.


  7. Love your dad……..and his beautiful landscape pic. You’re so fortunate that you can still go to the allotment with him. I have so many happy memories of long summer evenings with mine in our allotment. I love your idea. If you need any of my pics, I’m more than willing to share. 🙂


  8. A good photo from me is always an accident. But this is a great idea that I can’t wait to see come together. And I agree, monochromatic pic are often so much better.


  9. What a great idea! I can’t collaborate since I don’t know the first thing about taking a good photo–I just point and shoot and hope something decent occurs. But I can’t wait to see the results!


  10. Sounds like fun! I’m looking forward to your stories haha. If any of my pictures would inspire you to come up with one, please use it. (I doubt it really, as I’m not that great of a photographer but just in case!)


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