The Ugly Duckling

Today it’s the turn of the fabulous Wivi over at myguiltypleasures whose little swan family inspired one of my stories. Wivi and I share a love of food and music – although she’s a much better cook than me! So thank you to Wivi and thanks to all of you for reading!

Her hand trembled as she applied another coat of mascara; she wasn’t sure if that was because of the excitement or just nerves getting the better of her, but one thing was certain she was going to surprise a lot of people tonight. No one believed her when she had announced her plans. They’d all scoffed when she started and pointed out her shortcomings and the more they doubted her, the more determined she had become. Admittedly, she had in the past started projects and become disillusioned very quickly; like when she became an Avon Lady which lasted all of four weeks when she realised it would require working weekends and evenings. So you couldn’t really blame folk for not having faith in her.

She’d never really been what you would call pretty although her old Dad used to say that what she lacked in the appearance department, the little oneshe made up for in personality. And whilst she had always been overlooked at school discos when her more attractive friends were asked to dance, she had smiled good-naturedly and ignored the hurt.

For years she’d run around after her sisters and their offspring; babysitting, driving her young nieces and nephews to various after school activities, attending endless school plays and never once forgetting a birthday. At family gatherings she had laughed off the jibes about always being the bridesmaid and never the bride; she’d been maid of honour to all three of her siblings so maybe there was something in the old wives tale after all. qutieIt had been taken for granted that she was content with being the family stalwart and “go to” girl but deep down her heart ached for more and besides she knew that there was a swan inside her just dying to get out.

Smoothing the satin lines of her expensive cocktail dress, she took a deep breath and hearing the compere announce her, she walked onto the stage into the spotlight to cheers and applause. Proudly she grinned as last year’s winner placed the silk sash over her head proclaiming her “Slimmer of the Year”. She blew kisses to her family who were standing in the front row cheering her on along with her new man who she’d met at fat club. Who’d have thought that there would have been romance across the weigh-ins, shared tips and recipes. As he winked back at her,her heart somersaulted and she knew that every agonising gym session and every bar of chocolate she had gone without had been worth it. There was no doubt about it, her future now held promise and hope; it was no longer filled with nights spent babysitting and watching TV soaps in front of the telly. This was her time and she didn’t intend wasting another precious moment.

this years family

42 thoughts on “The Ugly Duckling

  1. Perfect ending: “This was her time and she didn’t intend wasting another precious moment.”
    You and Hans Christian Andersen think alike:
    “It doesn’t matter if you’re born in a duck yard, so long as you are hatched from a swan’s egg!”
    ― Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly Duckling


  2. Dallas, you are simply the BEST – just love this story .. and thanks for not waiting for that other swan photo mind. Top class of story … Loved it the first time I read it. You’re sitting on such a talent – you should write for a living – you can make a great story out anything and you have great humor on top all … you should be screenwriter or something. Girl, you have do something about your talent.
    Dallas, an absolutely honor to provided photos to your story.
    And I’m a big fan of HC Anderson’s fairy tales.


    • Lovely Wivi, I know it’s been a hard time for you and I didn’t want to pester you with such trivial things but I also thought this might bring a smile. I have never forgotten your kindess when you sent me and my Dad your matching cds; we had a waltz the other night in the allotment to one of your songs on the way home. Thank you for your kind comments, your lovely posts and your blogging friendship


      • Dallas, it was my pleasure to … share my world of music with you and your dad. I know he likes good music.
        Looking on how you used the photos … you wouldn’t need the other photo. You just combined it all perfectly.


    • Viveka, “This is what I have been saying!” (Inspector Jacques Clouseau)….to Dallas since I read her first blog post. Yes, Dallas, you are ready for an agent! Wonderful story and writing. – Kaye


      • Kaye is a very wise woman. Do you think an agent might be interested in me? I’m not sure exactly how to go about it; I think its different in the UK to the US. Not to mention that I don’t think us Brits are as good as pitching as Americans; still not sure why that is. I clearly need to do some more research and thank you for your kind words Lovely Ladies


      • Dallas, I’m sure an agent will be interested in you.
        Just get your stories together … there is loads of information over the net – how to go about the whole thing , I wouldn’t have a clue – your fantastic find fun and interesting short stories.
        You can send your stories to – monthly woman magazines that have short stories – Good Housekeeping, SHE and Woman & Home. Just collect them all into I file … and get them out there– on a CD


      • You said it Gunta…enjoyed it very much. And listen to your friends and readers Tink…you’ve a magic your tongue! The photos for this tale could not have been more perfect, in both substance and quality. Just beautiful. xo R


  3. Dallas – I absolutely agree with some of the ladies above – get an agent!!! Your talent must not go to waste. Although we all enjoy reading your stories here, you deserve more and better. So why not select some of your super stories, print them out, put them together in bookform and ….start knocking on (Agents) Doors. There will be someone who will be lucky enough to see the great potential in you. I wish you all the luck in the world – go for it, girl – dont wait for time to fly away! Hugs, Carina:)


  4. As always I loved your post. Lovely photos too. I agree with all the above, I’m just waiting for the day you get snapped up by a publisher and I will be cheering loud and proud!


  5. This reminds me of the finale of the Biggest Loser, a weight loss reality competition over here in the States. The before/after reveals are hugely mind boggling! Also I love swan ducklings, so cute and fuzzy not sure why Hans Christian Andersen used that bird for the Ugly Duckling!


  6. So cute! and yes and agent or self-publishing should be in your near future. It really looks much harder than it is, there is loads of information available. You go girl!


  7. The perfect love story to go with Viveka’s gorgeous swan family. All admiration for your talent Dallas. Off to check out the previous ones 🙂


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