Named & Shamed

Some of you may know that I am at the querying stage with agents and publishers alike in the attempt to achieve Crazy Train to Tinky Town worldwide domination. Despite having the use of Microsoft spellcheck, there’s always something which I still manage to overlook. I also happen to think that editing your own work is a bit like chewing your own tongue and then gargling with vinegar.

So as one of my besties, Barbara Cheapskate Walshaw, was staying with us, I enrolled her in the unenviable task of proofreading my query. I also asked her whether if after reading this tagline on the back of a paperback in an airport concession, would she buy the book.

Without missing a heartbeat she replied “Depends how much it is”

And that’s why I should have kept all my imaginary friends!

My Former Friend Barbara "Bargain Bucket" Walshaw

My Former Friend Barbara “Bargain Bucket” Walshaw

36 thoughts on “Named & Shamed

  1. Hey! There’s a lot to be said for an honest response. A friend of mine asked recently if she started selling Usbourne books would I buy them and I said the exact same thing! Bullshit only helps the roses 😉


  2. I know that with the two of you working on this project, I can expect it to be a remarkable success! Love tagging along….

    “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway


  3. She is a very good friend for at least being willing to pay something as most friends and family will expect free copies. Personally i think you have at least two books, one with your Turkish adventure and one for the stories from home. You hit the funny bone and the heart strings with both. Whatever you write you are a gifted story teller who brings us along where ever you go. Please continue because I will buy a ticket anytime.


  4. Deborah above is right, the two stories are so great that you’ve already got two deals!
    and we are not imaginary friends.
    Virtual friends….maybe…imaginary…NO 🙂


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