This was written a few weeks’ ago prior to my Dad’s stroke and here’s hoping it won’t be long before he’s fully restored to the Shelving King that we all know and love.

Mum had been soldiering on with our leaky old washing machine for the past few months and in a moment of weakness agreed that both my Dad and his allotment buddy Sid, could carry out remedial repairs.

The “repairs” took place over a week, where a vat of tea was drunk and enough sandwiches & cakes to feed 42 Commando were consumed. The defective appliance was hoisted onto its side and dismantled. At one point I was a tad worried that both technical masterminds would be unable to re-assemble the machine but my concerns were scoffed at by the Dynamic Duo. The source of the problem still hadn’t been detected so the leak continued to remain an issue. Several trips to the shed were in order followed by several tool boxes being dragged into the house. It was safe to say that the kitchen by the end of the week resembled an industrial workshop.

The amount of tea drunk necessitated a few trips to the local shop for milk and on one occasion upon my return I found both men, prostrate on the kitchen floor underneath the raised washing machine. I immediately feared the worst but as they were still in deep conversation I realised that neither had been crushed or suffered heart attacks as I had initially thought so I immediately ceased dialling the emergency services.

When Mum returned from her Women’s Institute meeting, hoping that despite the slight leak that she could still run a quick wash for her smalls. Sid roared with laughter and joked that a lifeboat would be needed to cope with the amount of water that would pump out onto the kitchen floor, indicating that there was now an even bigger problem than the original one they sought to repair.

When I opened the kitchen door next morning to discover Sid in his Welder’s mask and gauntlets on the doorstep, I knew then it was all over bar the shouting.

It goes without saying that the new washing machine will be delivered next week and installed by a professional.

Couldn’t let the opportunity pass without my own tribute to our two intrepid heroes by the much-loved actor Bernard Cribbins who some of you might remember as Mr Perks in the classic film “The Railway Children” and more recently as Wilfred Mott in “Doctor Who”.

The Hotpoint Fiasco

38 thoughts on “The Hotpoint Fiasco

  1. Dallas, I am so sorry I must of missed the news of your Dad. I hope his recovery is swift and you and your family are holding up. I will keep you in my thoughts, that all is well.

    This, as all your stories tickled me. Your Dad and his pals are such wonderful men, so full of light and yet so trying to your mother I am sure.


  2. I hadn’t seen your news about your dad, hopefully he will soon be home and fretting about what needs doing to tidy the allotment up before winter well and truly sets in, hopefully also before he drives the rest of you round the bend as well over his forced rest, I know your dad loves keeping up with news from Yorkshire so I thought this would interest him


  3. Another funny story about your dad, Dallas! He is such a character; it would be great to meet both of your parents some day. I knew a new washing machine was going to be the answer. 🙂 I hope he’s now recovering nicely from his stroke.


  4. There’s nothing like a cup of tea to get the job done. Great story! Your mum must have the patience of a saint. Bernard Cribbins was a big part of my childhood, he seemed to be on all sorts of programmes in my youth. Your wee video reminds me of another song he did, ‘Hole in the ground’.


  5. How in the world did you find a perfect illustration to your story (the video)? That’s priceless. And so is your Da! Somehow I just knew that a new machine was going to figure into the story. Problem is, new washing machines are not the quality of the old ones, so it’s worth a good try to repair them. Then there’s the whole tea drinking ritual… wonderful stuff. Best to your Da. Hope he’s having a good Sunday! – Kaye


    • Kaye, congrats on having a huge following in Turkey; no doubt a few proposals should follow! Tea drinking in the UK is an essential part of our day in the event of any emergency my mum or I will always put the kettle on first in fact, if an apocalypse is predicted we’ll brew up


  6. Wishing you and yours all the best in these trying times. Loved the washing machine episode. It seems to have a rather familiar theme to it. Had never heard the song. It was truly cute and fitting! Hope your ceiling is still intact.


  7. Just loved that video, have come across a few “gung-ho” types in my life who never stop to consider the consequences of their actions, just not sure if they were fueled by tea or perhaps something stronger 😉 Do hope that your dear Dad is making progress and will soon be up to taking things apart again.


  8. Our dads sound like one in the same person (must be that they share the same birthday?). I could just imagine mine underneath the washer, refusing a service call because he could fix it (yeah, right). I hope yours is still recovering well! Been thinking about you all.


  9. We were without a washer machine for about three months. Nobody in my family knows how to fix a washer machine so we had to call a professional who told us he needed to order a specific part to fix the machine. After weeks of hearing nothing and multiple calls to said professional, he finally admitted to not having the part and that we’d have to get a new machine. So we ordered it, but this same company told us they could not deliver us the machine right away since they are based on Long Island and would bring it to us when they “were in the area.” (Since LI is an island and therefore not very convenient for them to get to and from the mainland).

    It would have just been easier to have your dad and his friend come fix it had I known he was in the washer machine repair business! (But we do have the new machine now and it is fantastic)


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