God Works in Mysterious Ways

When my Dad retired he had big plans to take up several new hobbies including swimming and learning to play the piano; both fell by the wayside on account of the road to retirement being paved with many distractions along with good intentions.

To assist my Dad with his musical aspirations he purchased a very large electrical organ with every attachment and gadget known to man (the only thing it didn’t do was laundry) and apart from four lessons has sat gathering dust in the corner of my mother’s pristine lounge for the past few years where it has remained a huge unsightly thorn in my mother’s side. So it was a huge relief to the rest of the family when he announced that he was going to find a deserving home for it; an organisation where many could gain enjoyment from it.

That was easier said than done because whilst it had only had one careful owner technology had moved along swiftly and subsequently this grand old instrument was now fairly obsolete not to mention fairly bulky. The local school was unable to accommodate it owing to its girth and many of the local nursing homes felt the same.

On one sunny afternoon whilst sat in the churchyard munching away on banana sandwichesIMG_0590, an elderly lady, who was a member of the church parish council, sat down on the bench to join him for a natter, as they did frequently. During their conversation they discussed my Dad’s musical instrument dilemma.

The elderly lady smiled and said that she thought she had found a solution for him and asked him whether he would be home that afternoon.

So later that day, after my mother had checked her dusty surfaces and whipped ‘round with the polish, the old lady called accompanied by a solemn-looking young man. The young man was introduced as the church organist and the old lady went on to say that as a result of premature arthritis he was struggling to play the mighty old church organ.IMG_0598 The young man was neither a big smiler nor talker and allowed the old lady to carry the conversation. She asked whether he could try out the organ and within moments he was seated at the organ and as he stroked the first key, a broad smile transformed his rather austere expression.

Within seconds music filled the room and for a short while we were all captivated by the timeless carols that reminded us of Christmases past and of nativity plays. When the young man finished, we knew then that my Dad’s old Yamaha had found a good home where it would be cherished and appreciated.

I also knew that when we attended the candlelit midnight mass on Christmas Eve my Dad would be looking around beaming at the rest of the congregation as if he was in some small way responsible for the melodies echoing around the old church walls.


18 thoughts on “God Works in Mysterious Ways

  1. I’m very happy that your Dad’s Yamaha found the home it was meant to be in. His musical aspirations are now a joyful reality for many. I can just imagine that young man’s face. And I want to let you know how rare that perfect match is.

    My Mom worked at a piano & organ store and whenever they came into possession of one of these old organs, they could not find anyone (church, etc) to take it. Even for free. They couldn’t even give away the parts. So after a good faith effort, these instruments would be hauled away for trash.

    It’s wonderful that your Dad’s Yamaha had a much happier ending and lovely new beginning.


    • We feared that my Dad’s which was immaculate and never really been played would be headed for the local council tip, which would have broken my Dad’s heart, so I think that this was truly a match made in heaven. What a shame that we live in such a disposable world


  2. You have such a gift for story telling. I was right there watching it unfold as I read what you had written. It drives me crazy that so much is tossed without repurposing. This should be an arts council challenge. When pieces like this cannot find a home as is that local artists or art students take it overand transform it into a writing hutch or dresser , music centre or even a potting bench. I am so happy your father’s piece brought such joy.


  3. This is just like one of those stories that we read about … up to Christmas. So happy for your dad’s Yamaha has found a new place … in somebodies life that can spread the music and will make a young man’s life so more enjoyable. What a sunshine story. Long time since I had a banana sandwich … nearly 45 years ago.
    Dallas, music is going to be made this week .. and coming your way.
    Thank you so much or 2014 and for your friendship … your humor … and your brilliant posts.
    I wish you and your family a gentle 2014


  4. I have always believed in miracles. Your post is a confirmation that miracles happen everyday across the world.

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein


  5. What a lovely tale! I grew up with one of those (my mother played quite badly). So happy your Dad’s found a wonderful home with someone who would care for it and make wonderful music.

    Happy New Year Dallas, hope all is well.


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