Knowing Then What You Realise Now

New Year’s Eve has always been a reflective time for me; a time when I weigh up mistakes, regrets and achievements. As I embrace a New Year full of promise, I am able to laugh at all my embarrassing blunders and there are usually many.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and maybe would have saved me from that last glass of wine which seemed a good idea at the time but left me dancing on the table at my work’s Christmas Party and then spending the rest of the evening talking to the Big White Telephone. Dating the wrong boy; well, we all know how that story ended! The extreme change of hair colour; what was I thinking! Not to mention my brief foray as a relationship counsellor.

One valuable lesson learned this year is that no one knows what truly lies around the corner and that life is just too damn short to spend a minute stressing over what you did or didn’t do; or even what you could have done differently. At the time you did what you thought was right which was better than simply doing nothing and any way being a spectator rather than a participator is cowardly way to live your life. Grasp those opportunities for you or they will not come this way again.

So from our home to yours, I wish each and every one of you all a year filled with much happiness, good fortune & good health shared with those you love.

My mantra this year? Suck it up, Precious, because 2014, I’m going to kick your ass!


38 thoughts on “Knowing Then What You Realise Now

  1. You know, sometimes those detours are sent to show us an even better road than what we might have originally selected…and to give us stories for our blogs. 😉 Happy New Year, Dallas….and may 2014 rock and roll for you. You’ve definitely earned it.


  2. wise words Tinky Town…. all the best for 2014 to you. and looking forward to reading more of your stories, quotes and writing.


  3. I just read that we are entering the Chinese Year of the Horse – a year full of true spirit, grit, determination, vitality and endurance. Sounds like its going to be your year!! I look forward to our journey ahead. Life is so very precious and uncertain. So lets live the moments and breathe the joy of the unexpected. 🙂


    • Happy New Year to all of you; I am so looking forward to another year of all your great pictures especially the ones with all the rescues that you work with although I have increased the amount of boxes of tissues in our Tesco online shopping order. I can’t tell you how many times your uplifting animal stories have raised my spirits on gloomy days!


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