Paying It Forward

I remember starting this blog in a dusty little shop in Turkey when I had started a new life in a foreign land with few friends to call upon. It was then that the wonderful world of blogging brought all these amazing new friends into my life from all corners of the globe and introduced this shop girl to a world of infinite possibilities.

In just under two years I have made some amazing friends, shared tears & laughter, become a better writer and fought the good fight against bullies and the like. I started this year determined to make a change and take the time to celebrate successes. For example did you know that in recent weeks Kitt Crescendo @ theinnerwildkat published her book, Kerry Aslan over @ Earth Laughs in Flowers launched a hugely popular Home Cooking for Expats Facebook Page, Marianne @ East of Malaga needed our votes

Marinanne's entry

Marinanne’s entry

and Megan & everybody’s favourite little man Tedstar @ Cowboys and Crossbones filmed a pilot for a reality TV show?

I have been so fortunate with the support that I have received from all of you that it has become important to me to pay it back in some way, so without further ado I announce the launch of the 2014 Club which I hope will encompass all of our triumphs and accomplishments. To be included in the month’s Roll of Honour, please email me your good news to (what else) or a request for help from our fellow bloggers and each month I will run a post acknowledging all our outstanding achievements and good news. I hope that it will inspire, motivate and encourage the rest of us into working a little harder to achieve our dreams and also remind us that anything & everything is possible.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you

Megan & Tedstar Reality TV Stars

Megan & Tedstar Reality TV Stars

51 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. Dallas, I think this a fantastic idea … with “2014 Club” We all need good news – not much of them around in the media. I will also send all good news your way. Good luck to us all. *smile


      • He’s a happy boy, thanks for asking. Really cold here today. Bear and I have a coaching and then a couple of days off as the temps dip even further into the frozen zone. Still, his winter coat is starting to fall out and the days are getting longer so spring cannot be so far away. Hope you’re well and the flooding at your end is done for this season. Dorothy πŸ™‚


  2. β€œAlone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

    What a wonderful, life-affirming, generous, compassionate and powerful idea. The 2014 Club is going to take on a life of its own. I’m looking forward to seeing it unfold in marvelous ways.


  3. How cool Dallas! And thank you so much for the shout-out! Teddy is beyond himself that he was featured in one of your blog posts…his chest is puffed up like that of a lion. (I’m sure you’re not shocked) This is such a wonderful idea – and a great way to celebrate the many successes of our ‘friends’ we’ve met through blogging. Appreciate the love! XOXO…CBXB and Tedstar


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