The Writing Process Blog Hop

Delighted and grateful to have had the baton handed to me from the very lovely Eva over at The best and the worst via Twitter no less!

Myself and the other nominees have all become familiar with each other’s work from a daily Twitter event #BePositiveHour inspired by AKA Literary Agent Terrie Wolf. So if you are in dire need of a positive thought or have one to share then pop on over between 3pm-4pm. Although, I usually contribute prior to going off to work to fight the good fight with the Evil Queen; as it’s a bit like putting on my titanium-reinforced deflector shield pants in my war against the dark side.

The challenge is to answer four questions regarding my writing process, so without further ado here goes:

What are you working on?
As most of you know my Dad had a stroke last October which left him semi-paralysed so in-between working full-time and being the main carer there are just not enough hours in the day so regrettably the current answer to this one, is very little! However, I do still blog and I am writing additional chapters to the Honeymoon Stories as I’m hoping that particular story ain’t over yet.

How does your work differ from others in the genre?
I write adult fiction or chicklit based on real-life events and people mainly about life as an expat living in Turkey with the mad, bad & downright crazy and Devon village life with my eccentric family & neighbours ; although the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I would say that my style is wholesome and gentle with a shedload of humour & occasional tear thrown in but I don’t like to pigeon-hole myself too much and would rather readers make up their own minds.

Why do you write what you write?
Well I started this blog two years’ ago whilst working in a dusty little Turkish shop in-between serving customers when I was a real “Billy No Mates” having just relocated to a new country miles away from my family. Its made me a better writer as have all of you but as you know being an avid people watcher, real life, people and events inspire me. Even photographs speak to me almost begging me to write their story and being a good listener I’m fortunate that others share their stories with me too. An inscription in an old book or gravestone can also have me wondering about the life of the person concerned, were they loved,were they happy and what were their dreams?

How does your writing process work?
I handwrite all my original ideas into an A5 notebook with a fountain pen which somehow makes it all the more special for me. I then type it up onto my laptop and start the hideous process of editing which takes me forever and leaves me feeling like I’m chewing my own tongue. I agonise for days before publishing just one blog post and afterwards always feel that I could have phrased something better or done it differently.

So now its over to you! I know that we all have demands on our very busy lives so everyone & anyone, new or experienced bloggers are invited to participate with no pressure and those that do please put your post links in the comments under this post so that we can get to know you too. Well, go on what are you waiting for …..

rhonda 1
Photograph by one of my talented blogging friends Rhonda over @ 50 Shades of Gray Hair

20 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Hop

  1. I feel like I don’t write as well when I write by hand. I do like the feeling better than of typing but I often think what I write by hand is crap. And oh my gosh fountain pens! I used to be required to write with those when I was attending a bilingual school. The French teachers were nuts about us writing with fountain pens which I didn’t understand because most of the time the cartridges would explode and get ink EVERYWHERE. I prefer the regular ballpoint pen!


  2. So good to know that you still find a little time to write, Dallas. I haven’t used a fountain pen for donkeys’ years, although I’m sure I have one somewhere. Maybe I’ll find it when we start to pack up here. I hope your dad is doing okay. Give him a big hug from me. 🙂


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