Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

One of the most legendary characters in our village is a gentleman by the name of Roger who has lived alone since his wife passed a few years ago. He’s an independent soul despite being fairly disabled and reliant on an electric Mobility scooter but that hasn’t clipped his wings any.village 002 He’s a great friend of my Dad and often pops up the allotment for a glass of Dandelion wine when his mobility scooter can be seen weaving unsteadily across the pavements on the return journey to his bungalow.

However, his greatest achievement is the weekly shopping trip he makes to the local supermarket; a mere ten-mile round trip from our village on his mobility scooter. It is nothing short of a miracle that he safely negotiates the winding country lanes, glorious in the summer less so in the winter, avoiding the thundering juggernauts headed for the same industrial park. These country roads were no doubt, designed for horse-drawn carriages of a bygone age and anyone who has tried negotiating them during the height of the tourist season whilst crawling behind village 010a slowly driven tractor, will no doubt be able to testify as to how treacherous they can be.

He is a regular customer of this supermarket and after an early morning phone call they will always have one of their own scooters available for his use within store and whilst he’s shopping will charge his battery ready for the homeward journey; now how’s that for customer service!

I noticed recently as I passed him en route to the supermarket that some joker had placed a sign on the rear of his scooter which said “The Lone Ranger Rides Again”. As this is one journey that he alone can make, I don’t suppose that burdened with his shopping there’ll be much room for a kemosabe.

20 thoughts on “Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

  1. Lovely tribute to a plucky guy! And why did your description of your country roads bring to mind the lane on which dear Matthew met he fate on “Downton Abbey?” It’s actually very amazing this chap travels 5 miles on one of those, not to mention 10! – Kaye


  2. You had me wondering how he managed such a trip without a recharge. It’s heartwarming to know the folks at the market provide this service for him. Hubby drove one of those scooters for several years until he ‘graduated’ to a motorized wheelchair. I still remember the first time he tried one out in the store. The look on his face was sheer heavenly joy at the thought of being free to move around on his own without always relying on a push. We’ve come a long way since the day when someone like the Lone Ranger would have been stuck at home, staring out the window at the world going by.


      • I expect you have noticed that I have yet to actually return any of the purloined panties. Unfortunately I have become rather attached to my collection and the process may therefore take a bit longer then initially promised. But I’m working on it.


  3. My mom, who in in her 80’s has taught me a great deal about transitions, especially when it comes to mobility. Her words – “you must redefine your life as you go along. The important thing is that you move – speed is highly over-rated.” And off she goes either with her cane or her walker.

    This man inspires me! He’s king of the road!


  4. Lovely story again …. and I think it wonderful of the supermarket to take so good care of him .. I can image how difficult it will be for him to get to the store in the winter, especially on a country road like that, where … the snow clearing will not be on the top of the list. Remarkable man and good for him … to make his shopping himself. Many would have got it delivered home today.


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