Just Relax & Accept The Crazy

Last week I caught the bus home from another weary day at work. I enjoy the ride as the countryside is a leafy green now with most of the trees in blossom and as we do live in a beautiful corner of the world, these are the things you miss as a car driver. I could almost smell the Queen Anne’s lace and wild garlic through the open window of the bus. On a clear day you can see right across the hills to the tors at Dartmoor; Hound of the Baskerville Country. As I sat gazing out of the window minding my own business, a huge giant of a man sat beside me. As the rest of the bus was fairly empty, I was not surprised that he chose to sit next to me, having been handed the Dyson mantle by my father which is an invisible magical cloak attracting all types of mythical creatures like a magnet or as my Grandma would say all “Jesus’ Little Sunbeams”. In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had dropped to his knees at my side and in Game of Thrones style whispered “my lady”. Only last week I was serenaded by a homeless gent in the bus stop and waltzed around an allotment by an eccentric pensioner; oh wait, that was my Dad!

As people do, I pretended to carry on gazing out of the window whilst watching this fellow out of the corner of my eye. I would have been blind not to notice that he was holding a full, albeit one-sided, conversation with a rather large monkey hand puppet and at one point even appeared to share a can of soft drink with him. The man clearly enjoyed the attention that the puppet attracted and I’d like to think that there was no more sinister motive. For most of the journey he smiled and chatted away to his monkey and I was disappointed when he alighted before me.

Too often we are too busy or too troubled to appreciate the people who cross our paths if only for a fleeting moment. Make no mistake we live in an unsafe world with our defense mechanisms on high alert but wouldn’t it be a better place if we could occasionally allow ourselves the luxury of sharing an instant of laughter with a complete stranger for no reason other than to accept the smile given.

I do know one thing; our lives would be sadder, duller and a lot less colourful without these moments of mirth. So to all the little sunbeams out there I thank you from the bottom of my heart for adding a little sunshine on so many drab and gloomy days.

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28 thoughts on “Just Relax & Accept The Crazy

  1. So going to adopt your grandmother’s phrase, “Jesus’ little sunbeams.” That’s priceless. As for me, I tend to attract prayer and messages from God through strangers at bus stops. I try to appreciate the message despite the visage of the messenger :-).
    Another great post.


  2. If only we could let ourselves enjoy the moment with the people who inhabit it. As a stranger to London I was often warned to have a more blinkered outlook while travelling as it was safer – never really changed but knew in certain situations is was wise 😦


  3. Today we, my wife and I, travelled in to London on the train. It was quite full when we boarded so we had to sit a few seats away from each other. When we got off at Waterloo my wife said “did you see the man sitting across the aisle from me – he had a parrot on his shoulder”. “You must be kidding” said I. “Oh no” said Margaret, “it was a real, live parrot and it nestled in to his neck”. We get back home and the first email I read is your post. What a co-incidence. Life is full of idiosyncratic moments – the more the merrier I say.


  4. The phrase “Be here now” comes to mind. Yes, you know when you are in one of those moments, and cannot plan it, it just happens. Taking the moment to appreciate it is what connects us to a shared destiny. (Boy, that sound pretentious, doesn’t it, haha). Wish I could visit your neck of the woods and colorful characters.


  5. You failed to mention his striped pants, this would have worried me more than the hand puppet truly. The combination, well now I would have been listening carefully to the conversation.

    Dallas, you are my true guide to living the good life. I swear to you I am booking my trip to visit you. It is fated I am certain of it.


  6. You’d love New York City, we have people talking to themselves everywhere all the time! In the subway, in the streets… my favorites are the ones that are yelling at no one for no particular reason as they continue to walk down the sidewalk. Just the other day I was riding the subway, a man was having a very animated conversation and I thought maybe he was wearing one of those hands free Bluetooth phones (I have often mistaken people talking to themselves aloud only to discover they are talking into their smartphone’s mic). But no, he was talking to himself, gesturing wildly and just going on and on. He then started singing and started incorporating the subway stops into his song and got off the subway, still talking/singing to himself. I sometimes wonder if people do this on purpose just to see how many people they weird out!


  7. Hmmm interesting… I’ve just realised I spent the weekend while we were away staying at the coast walking along the beach, roads, in the pub, etc repeatedly saying “how ya’ goin’ ” in passing and making conversation with complete strangers. That natural inclination-ability from my childhood country upbringing seems to disappear once I hit the city, despite having the kind of face that everyone asks the time and directions from. Next time, I’ll think “Jesus’ Little Sunbeams”…


  8. I’ve recently been using the train to travel to London and Wales, and each time I’ve found some interesting folk, obviously comfortable with themselves : )


  9. Beautifully written as usual. … Your grandmother sounds like a character. My mother like to remind me that “we’re all just critters trying to find our way.” … Thanks for the smile. 🙂


  10. Great experience. It’s a pity that the world is such that we become wary, but sometimes it’s necessary. As you say, when you live somewhere more rural, life does seem to be a bit safer than in larger towns, but we are still on our guards to a certain extent.


  11. In the end, all we will consider meaningful will be our connections. We get caught up in the busyness of life and forget that in all that flurry we have not created a lasting memory. My dad passed about 3 years ago; whenever I miss him, I go back to my memory palace and he is there with me. He gave me memories that will last my lifetime. This post is about being present in the very moment that we feel our breath so that we can recall the events with clarity, joy, and mirth.

    Sorry I haven’t dropped in sooner. A few days ago, my computer had a meltdown and I have been “computerless” for about a week (up and running a two days ago). I was using my iPhone but it doesn’t replace a computer. It is good to be connected and catch up on your happenings. Another excellent post…


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