It’s All About Me!

I was interviewed the other week by the good folks over at PAYAway. It’s a cracking website packed full of information for anybody thinking of moving or working abroad, in fact I wished I’d discovered it before I took the plunge. Anyhoo, here it is although most you will already know the story behind my move to the beautiful country of Turkey but for those that don’t, here it is in The Working Traveller.

Most of you will also know that my beloved old Dad had a stroke last year so I’m back home in Devon because for now that’s where I need to be but rest assured as soon as the old fella’s back on his feet, I will be dusting off those flip-flops and heading back to the golden sands of Altinkum. And for those of you that haven’t yet dipped your toes in the sparkling aquamarine waters of the Aegean off the glorious Turkish coast, you should go.

turkey 10 005

25 thoughts on “It’s All About Me!

  1. I guess we’re all guilty of not posting enough pictures of ourselves. But then I guess that would be somewhat narcissistic wouldn’t it? Anyway, great photo and interview!


  2. Love reading more about my fave Brit expat, though I really don’t know what that means! Keep writing! Something’s going to hit for you, I know it. And I’d love to visit both of your home towns!


  3. Oh, I so agree about hating to have pictures taken, but it’s so nice to put a face to the writing I’ve been following and enjoying so much! That picture sure makes it look idyllic. Small wonder you fell in love with the place.


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