Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Like many of you I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Whilst, I think that it has certain advantages for keeping in touch with family & friends located in faraway places and as a writer it does have obvious benefits but for many it’s a bit of a dual-edged sword. Too often I have come across inappropriate posts and videos which in my opinion have no place on a social networking site. It is alleged that this week Facebook have failed to remove a video of a helpless & vulnerable kitten being deliberately doused in fuel and set alight; what purpose does that video serve? I also fail to see why you would want to give the sociopaths that committed this heinous and cowardly act their fifteen minutes of fame. Furthermore, you have to ask yourself why certain Facebookers would feel the need to “like” this type of post. Whilst Facebook insist that they had reviewed the clip, which they insisted had met its guidelines, by simply doing nothing are they green lighting other evil-minded individuals?

Surely there has to be a more stringent policy where pictures of extreme cruelty are removed in a timely fashion and by timely, I mean immediately. Derogatory pictures and borderline slanderous statements that will obviously cause emotional distress to others also have no place. I have personally fallen foul of an anonymous user, who superimposed my head from my profile picture, along with several other girls onto the bodies of girls in stills from adult films accompanied by crass taglines and my complaint wasn’t upheld, subsequently, Facebook refused to remove them. Imagine the distress that this caused me and my family and likewise for all the other girls. It is inconceivable that some malicious individual could randomly target your profile picture in this way because they are not regulated. It begs the question that if any of us had been celebrities would Facebook fearing legal reprisals have taken a different stance or were we simply not important enough to merit their protection from internet trolls.

You don’t have to be a public relations expert to determine what is right and wrong most of us learn that as children but one wonders sometimes whether integrity is an out-dated principle for many multi-million organisations.  So if you’re listening Facebook you need to man up and grow a set along with some morals; your users will love you for it!

The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

24 thoughts on “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

    • I find it abhorrent how we seem to have become desensitised to these type of videos, is it because of the volume? My heart goes out to the families who have had to watch their loved ones beheaded especially their mums and wives. I wonder if you would ever be able to get over that. I’m not sure I’m brave; ask me tomorrow when my FB account has been deactivated!!!


  1. That there are cruel and horrible people is sad but true. We have no control over the depravity of sociopaths … but that FB would allow it to be shown is more abhorrent. They DO know right from wrong. Would they allow a video of people torturing a person? Of course not.


  2. sympathize with the feelings of the writer, it is not facebook, but people who did those things are evil, problem is when facebook steps in, it will tend to over-do in another way that lead to over-censorship, this world is filled with horrible people hiding behind false names ridiculing others for fun
    in an increasing digital world, personal privacy is getting lesser, the way to overcome this will be probably to live like Stone Age people to forgo those conveniences that we get from the digital world
    the choice is between how much convenience we want in exchange for the loss of personal privacy !


    • You raise some very valid points and I agree in principle regarding censorship but I have to question people posting horrific videos of this nature purely for entertainment purposes after all, if they’re too graphic for a national daily newspaper they should be too graphic for Facebook


  3. Extremely hard to swallow that there are people out there crazy enough to do that and worse yet that Facebook seems to condone it. It just confirms my distaste for it’s very existence. Seems as though there are far better ways to keep in touch with those we love.


  4. Dear Crazytraintotinkytown,

    Found your post through Princess Rosebud (lovely woman!). I was taken by your title. I’m sorry to hear about your photo being stolen and superimposed on someone else’s body then placed in still with crass blurbs. Someone messaged me before about something similar. Apparently my Facebook profile photo was used, which I didn’t even understand as my whole face was covered. I didn’t trust the messenger anyway, so I didn’t even bother checking. For all I knew, the same messenger could’ve been the culprit. Nowadays, whenever there’s a photo of me on my blog, I’ll try my very best to watermark it or place the copyright closest to me face, and wish that I won’t find it in a porn photo or a dating site. I agree, Facebook should really screen more of these videos circulating. They shouldn’t be on social media! Things aren’t filtered enough. It makes me paranoid in some ways, but at the same time, Facebook connects me to all my friends and loved ones who are scattered in different continents away from me. Perhaps there should be an additional password or PIN we can all use when sharing photos, similar to how banks subject us to stringent screening before accessing our online accounts. The possibility of getting hacked is still there of course, but I agree that Facebook isn’t doing enough to stop these morons. Your post was a really good read 🙂



    • Hello Marj, firstly please call me Dallas. I was gutted over the picture because it was such a random thing to do and my profile picture that was targeted was one with me and my small nieces so I did feel a tad violated. However, in the big scheme of things it was such a minor incident compared to the video clip of that tragic kitten. Because of the volume of these graphic images we are becoming somewhat desensitised or maybe just a little too accepting and that, my friend, is the slippery slide to losing our humanity. You’re right, stricter controls do need to be implemented along with social media sites starting to take some responsibility for the images we view


  5. I think your other followers have already spoken all my arguments as well. It is sad that they profit from such ugliness and blatant degeneration of humans (especially women) and animals. And it is worse that so many subscribe to those posts and share them and think they’re still funny.

    Love you and your writing. I’m sorry these ugly things have to keep interrupting the beauty of you. But I’m glad you take the time to stop and make us all take time to face it.


    • It horrifies me some of the things which are posted all in the name of entertainment; frankly, some of the things I see remain with me for a very long time afterwards and those images visit me in the wee small hours when I’m unable to sleep. Thought the video clip on your FB post was very powerful as well but in a positive way. Once again Marla, I’m humbled by your kind words. Loving your wildlife pictures and am more than just a tad envious


  6. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    There is no freedom in wrongdoing. Freedom comes when we chose compassion, mercy, truth, justice, hope and courage. May we live each day in that spirit, boldly, joyously.


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