Ninety Seconds Of Joy

Well of course, I couldn’t let the Festive Season pass without wishing you all a very merry and safe Christmas from all here at Dyson Abbey. The holidays seem to start earlier and earlier each year and go on for much longer especially for those that work in many occupations such as the emergency services, social care and retail; which means less time spent celebrating with their families. So for all the unsung heroes out there I thank you!

When my nieces were younger one of our special Christmas tasks was filling wrapped shoe boxes with pocket money gifts for children less fortunate in some poorer countries. We were asked to supply toiletries, boiled sweets, pens, crayons, notebooks nothing too elaborate and the girls couldn’t understand why any child would want things that were so readily available to them. I came across this video earlier this week from the Team Hope Shoebox Appeal on one of my social media pages shared by a fellow blogger and stopped to watch it before setting off for work. It was a timely reminder of what the true spirit of Christmas is all about as I saw the obvious joy of the children unwrapping their packages. None of which included computer games, Ipads or any of the other must have electronic gadget and yet the children were overjoyed with the contents of their shoeboxes. It was a valuable lesson learned for this jaded soul on a wet & windy winter’s morning in Devon.

Our efforts for our local shoebox appeal have fallen by the wayside in recent years now the girls have all grown up but rest assured next year after realising that such small things can bring so much joy, we will be reinstating that particular Christmas tradition.

It’s Not How Much We Give But About How Much Love We Put Into Giving
Mother Teresa

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