The Sweet Smell Of Success

No one can deny the power of marketing, we seem to be so easily influenced these days by the promises of becoming more attractive, thinner, & younger if we use the latest must have beauty products most of which will probably cost us a week’s wages. Completely different to my Grandma’s day when she remained a Pond’s cold cream girl throughout her life after a dab of Yardley’s freesia talc followed by a spritz of 4711 cologne and I never saw her without a Max Factor compact tucked away in her handbag. With the absence of television advertising I am unsure what the lure was back then or maybe it was the scarcity of products available that ensured customers continued to use the tried and tested cosmetics of that time.

As a very young teenager I pleaded with my parents to buy me fragrances such as Tramp, Charlie and Babe; which in hindsight all smelt not unlike cat urine and were significantly overpriced no doubt to pay for the costly television advertising campaigns. None made me more attractive with boys (no surprise there) or increased my popularity with my peers. My sister didn’t fare much better with her Body Shop favourite of Dewberry sadly the bees also found it very attractive so after a particularly nasty sting it was discarded in favour of Yardley’s Panache which frankly didn’t smell much better.

These days as neither my sister nor I don’t have much in the way of disposable income our downfall is household detergents. We are far too easily enticed by promises of the cleanest or sparkliest bathroom or in my case my particular weakness is something which makes a housework task less labour intensive. I am all for shaving minutes off anything which shortens the amount of time I spend doing dreary chores.

It seems that every Christmas in an attempt to boost festive sales we are bombarded with expensive television advertisements which have become mini feature films with supermarkets and department stores vying for the top spot. Cosmetic companies in particular must spend their entire advertising budgets at this time of year in promoting their latest product endorsed by some celebrity headliner to manipulate us into believing that some perfume could inject a touch of glamour to our lives.

The truth is would we buy some luxury cosmetic with a less opulent sounding name something a little more fundamental for example;

MONSOON: Persistent downpour

DUNE: Sand mound

ESCAPE: Prison break


POISON: Arsenic

Are we really so easy swayed by the hint of the exotic or are we tempted more by a sexy sounding name & would we buy the same product if they were a little more ordinary? So tell me what marketing campaigns seduce you?

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting – Christian Dior

A little more upmarket in my choice of fragrance these days!

A little more upmarket in my choice of fragrance these days!

16 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell Of Success

  1. You forgot the other marketing ploy they use now a days which is as soon as you find something you really like they fiddle with the formula and make it new and improved so they can charge you more for it 😀


  2. Perhaps luckily for me, I’m allergic to perfumes so they don’t entice me. I’ve had to move in restaurants when sitting next to someone who apparently showered in their favorite scent. 😉

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  3. Advertising never works for me – I have to embarrassingly ask people what they’re wearing if I like the smell 😉 Never go into perfumers or duty free as the combined smell is nauseous. Shudder to think of the yuck we used to use as teenagers 😀

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    • I seldom go into the city centre these days much preferring to shop online but I do like to browse the duty free shops maybe its just part of the whole holiday experience. I cringe thinking about some of my poor teenage outfit and make up choices

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  4. I’ve gone past believing all these marketing and advertorials. There was a point when the shape and design of the bottle would entice me. Then I ended up working for a company whose one of the businesses is perfumery. I’ve finally found my signature summer and winter scents. Now, when I’m feeling adventurous and would like to try a new scent, I’m on the lookout for something that can be made for me, especially that I now know which scent works for me 🙂

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  5. I suppose I am fortunate, I wear very little make-up. I have tattooed eye-liner and wear only one mascara. I wear only one or two colors of lipstick. Both my mascara and my lipstick are Dior, likely I replace it once a year.

    Perfume? I wear Jo Malone, three or four different scents, love them. Now and then Jo Malone comes out with a new one I like. I wear the perfume so buy the smaller bottles.

    I think when you find what you love you can’t be tempted.


  6. Hmmm, I like this post which made me smile. Women who use perfume subtly have good taste. Women who reek of perfume, in my opinion, have no class and It causes me to wonder what other odors the person is trying to cover up.

    Anyhow, I’ve saved lots of money since I’m allergic/sensitive to all colognes/perfumes. When I was young I used Channel No. 5 or something. Not expensive stuff that didn’t seem over-powering but maybe I didn’t have good cents/sense/taste for the finer things in life. But then I finally discovered that perfume was causing me to feel dizzy with excessive sneezing and, awful headaches.


  7. The last time I bought perfume was at Epcot Center in Disney World. I’d never seen that particular fragrance in the department stores and fell in love with it. I’ve convinced myself that the only way to replenish my stock it to visit Disney World again…or go to Canada (since that is the country in Epcot where I found it). Well played Disney, well played.


  8. I imagine perfume companies have REALLY taken a hit since 2008. I mean, when you can dab on a nice, healthy, refreshing essential oil (yes, I am a distributor of the finest grade therapeutic essential oils) why would anyone pay high prices for perfumes? It’s pretty unusual to get a whiff of perfume on ladies or men passing by these days, but it does happen… Perfumes sort of lost popularity, like, thankfully, cigarettes, in the U.S.

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