She Wears It Well

I’ve been incapacitated for the past few weeks owing to an acute deep tissue knee injury and sadly, I’m not the only blogger in recent months to have fallen foul of the curse of the crutch; Marianne over at East of Malaga, Rhonda at Fifty Shades of Gray Hair & Paula have all suffered various incapacitating injuries.

I’d like to be able to tell you that I was injured during some dangerous daring stunt such as abseiling or white water rafting but the truth of the matter is much more mundane that that; I slipped on the wet floor in the little girls’ room at work and managed to wrench my knee whilst performing the splits for the first and (hopefully last) time in my life. Who’d have thought I’d have been that bendy!

So I am currently modelling this slinky little number which is a bit like wearing a cricket batting pad and will probably make me more irresistible to the opposite sex (well those that like cricket anyway). It takes me about twenty minutes of hot sweaty wrestling to fasten all the hooks (a bit like a whalebone corset) and I feel like I need a lie down in a darkened room afterwards. I am still travelling into work every day on crutches via the local bus service, with my bag hanging loosely around my neck. I will admit to a couple of near misses with the automatic doors but I’m now a little wiser and can out-manoeuvre them. The medication has been knocking me out and one morning whilst still semi-conscious I thought I’d overslept so I dashed out to catch the earlier bus and arrived in work for 5.50am where I sat like Billy No Mates until my colleagues arrived at 8.30am

I’m not denying that walking at the moment isn’t somewhat painful and incredibly tiring but a girl’s gotta earn a living. However, as my bestie is about to grant us a royal visit, I’m applying muscle balms & ice packs, knocking back anti-inflammatory medications , and elevating the knee time permitting. And if all else fails there’s always Margaritas.

Have a good week my friends & let’s be careful out there.

Does my bum look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this?

40 thoughts on “She Wears It Well

  1. Dallas, I am so sorry to hear of your accident. I trust you have some good toys to play with–not to mention a bestie with accessories (margaritas, at least). I have a young friend who had a terrible break on her arm this spring–same thing–she wasn’t racing, and didn’t get hit by a car. On the first day she had her new bike, the poor dear just sort of fell over and broke her elbow on the sidewalk. It required several surgeries and a big awkward cast that made her look like she was in a perpetual state of hitchhiking. Wishing you a swift recovery and a really nice time with your friend!

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  2. OH dear, you seem to be struggling more than me! Poor thing 😦

    I can report that I have an appointment to see a specialist at the hospital next month (everyone is on holiday during August here in Spain) – so I’ll have to see what happens then. In the meantime, I’m hobbling around as best I can, elevating, using ice packs and downing anti-inflammatory tablets – pretty standard stuff 😦

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  3. Must have been a full moon – sprained my ankle two weeks ago, lol. Wearing sneakers no doubt. smh…here’s to fast and complete healing of the joints, eh? Seriously, hope you (and the other injured bloggers) get to feeling better real soon.

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  4. Ah Damn!!! This sucks and I hate that you’re now doing what I called the “limpy hoppy can you hold the effin door for me” crutch walk. Please DO take it easy, elevate, elevate, elevate (toes to nose baby) so you can enjoy your bestie. Thinking of ya Tink and sending wicked good vibes you way. xoxo

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  5. Aww, I feel ya, friend! I hate my knee brace. I had some nasty injuries when I was younger and one of my knees is now just a cartilege-less, POS. I have an orthopoedic brace that basically keeps it aligned well, but I hate wearing the darn, clunky thing. Not even sure it does what it should.

    You cracked me up (as usual) with your description of the fall. Ouch. Surprised you didn’t tear your muscles with the split, too. Pretty sure it would take a wet floor to make me do a split, too. Haha.

    Get well, and milk the hell out of this. Get some hunky guys to come pamper you, and drink a lot!

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    • You’ve had it a lot worse than me Marla as hopefully I will dispense with the brace in a few weeks. I opted for the large version as I think the small would could only fit Tinkerbell; I get all hot & sweaty as I struggle to get all the velcro & buckles fastened every day. I have become a cranky old bat as this has dragged on for weeks but its given me a small insight into those that suffer a lifetime of chronic pain


  6. So very sorry to hear of your woes! It might not have been so bad if it had been as a result of some daring-do! I couldn’t put ANY weight on a foot when I shattered the ankle, so know how frustrating this routine can be. Hope all is well soonest.


  7. So sorry you’ve been injured, Dallas. There’s another blogger called Karen who broke an ankle bone just as she is preparing for a big home relocation. Hope you’re soon better. Margaritas sound like a great idea, but do be careful not to drink too many. We don’t want you falling again. Congrats on doing the splits. 😳 xx


  8. Sorry to read you hurt your knee. I must admit that I too have made the mistake of showing up to work early. Aggravating feeling knowing you must sit for a couple hours waiting for the work day to begin! lol


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