Oh My! What A Big Following You Have

As most of you know I am a huge Twitter fan and find it other than blogging an engaging form of social media. Like most things it took me a while to get to grips with it. It’s easy to dip in and out, picking up conversations from one day to another and is fairly low maintenance (a bit like me).

My pet Twitter peeves are Tweeps who follow and then unfollow you within seconds of you returning the favour in order to drive up their following. Additionally, I hate those automated direct messages urging you to subscribe to their You Tube Channel, like their Facebook Page, buy their book. Now that’s just a bit forward when you haven’t even been formally introduced!

Likewise I prefer not to interact with those whose tweets continually scream “it’s all about me, at least pretend to be interested in others; didn’t their mothers teach them it’s rude not to share? In my opinion any form of social media needs some sort of interaction or sharing to make it worthwhile. A lot of people who I follow are animal lovers, small businesses that I enjoy giving a little plug to, my fellow bloggers, animal rescues or other like-minded individuals. I’m always going to be a sucker for a wicked sense of humour!

I make no apologies for retweeting an animal on the euth list looking for a home because social media has been proven to save a life in some of these situations and you never know whether a potential home or rescue will pick up a tweet and provide that poor animal with a last-minute reprieve. I get exasperated with people who pointlessly tweet cute animal pictures all day, every day but can’t slot in a rescue animal in need of a good home; are they any less cute? If every Tweep retweeted just one homeless pet a week think of the audience that animal or the rescue shelter would reach and it’s such a small thing to ask. I also think it’s important to share any missing family members (after all that could be us one day) and charity events. I think Twitter etiquette decrees if someone retweets you that you return the favour; after all variety is the spice of life and it would indeed be a boring world if we all had the same interests. In addition I also like to retweet you, my fellow bloggers when I’m online as I’m more than happy to promote your books or posts, give a shout out to any small businesses so I like to think I’m well-balanced; there are, of course, those that would disagree with that including my family.

One of things I enjoy the most is the interaction particularly when you are short of time as I have been recently. It takes a few seconds to drop a tweet to check on somebody whether it’s an injury, family illness or loss of a loved one. A kind word via a tweet costs nothing & can make all the difference in someone’s day. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

For those of you on Twitter, I’ll see you on the other side but in the meantime, what are your social media peeves?

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29 thoughts on “Oh My! What A Big Following You Have

  1. My follower count never gets above 275 no matter how many new followers I get. And I don’t have the desire to go searching for people to follow so they’ll follow me back, so I don’t use Twitter as much as I could. But it’s there in case I need it. 😉

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  2. Long time no post! I am thinking about going on Twitter. Initially I said I never would, but I am SO tired of FB. My feed is so clogged with bullshit I feel like I have to wade through it to get to anything worthwhile. I really only keep it because I am out of state and it’s the only way to keep in touch with all of my friends and family. But, as you said
    “I prefer not to interact with those whose tweets continually scream ‘it’s all about me’. ”
    I have some “friends” who NEVER, ever engage in my stuff, and even when I knew them IRL, it was all about them (it’s a husband and wife,) but when I deleted the dude last time, he refriended me… Why? He doesn’t give a crap what is going on in my life…
    But if people reTweet all sorts of bullshit on Twitter too, it may not be any better than FB. And even ppl I like occasionally post dumb shit, so I’d have to “hide” everybody, and I already make judicious use of the hide button. 😉

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  3. Hmmmm… ‘social’ media. It’s a good thing there’s different strokes for our varied tastes. I mostly used Twitter for political stuff when I first signed on. It was pretty exciting to get the live feed of what was happening at Occupy Wall Street. That was way back when. These days I don’t seem to think of tuning in or turning it on. Facebook… I signed on and the deluge of “stuff” was such a time-suck, I just gave it up and spent a bit of time figuring out how to make it go away. These days I’m on it with an Alias and have two ‘friends’. One is my daughter-in-law, thus the only way to see pics of the grandkiddies. The other is a woman who started out in photography and it was the only way I could see her photos. We have a far more satisfactory means of communicating through e-mail (same goes for the d-i-l). Which gave me a flash of insight right there. I’ve never been one to enjoy small talk. Obviously Twitter and FB fall into that category. It’s great for folks who enjoy it, but I’ve been out of step for most of my life (not complaining, mind you!)

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  4. You hit the nail on the head about Twitter and FB but I have yet to use Twitter and I’m not sure that I ever will. About 2 months ago I finally gave in a hooked up to FB and discovered that people that I used to work with and who I thought had brains have proven otherwise. Some of the folks are so addicted and I am serious about addiction, post all day long with meaningless messages about religion, Aunty Acid, and special messages that are supposed to make one feel good about themselves. The messages also want you to type Amen and “share.” But I never do. I hide lots of stuff for I can’t see the trees for the forest. I don’t think these people have a life other than FB and that is sick. I also made some folks acquaintances. I could not stomach their stupid posts.

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    • I resent that implication of “you must share” & for that reason alone I don’t & I don’t like the “chain mail” still ones either. Why would I pass that message onto friends. Good job I’m not superstitious


    • You get an inside view into a lot of people’s insecurities that way, especially the ones who continuously post motivational crap. I figure if I keep clicking the “hide all from” if they shared directly from the page that initialliy posted said dumb meme, eventually my newsfeed will clear… (right? please?)

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      • You can only hope that your newsfeed will clear but it doesn’t. I have one friend and she is a nice person but gee she is on a Jesus kick. Not one but 4-5 or more a day. I think she needs to become a preacher and then maybe that would help alleviate her need to share her religious beliefs or not.

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  5. Twitter still confuses me, and as you can tell, I’m rarely on it. Yours is actually the only one I find easy to follow…the photos, the conversations, the content. The majority of them make me feel like I’m lost in a fog of abbreviation! If I were to name one pet peeve about social media, it’s those that hide behind the virtual wall of anonymity and say hurtful things or nasty things or slanderous things just because they can. Things that you would never say to one’s face, should NEVER be said here (or there as the case may be). Good to see you Tink…xx

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    • You probably recognise some of your fab pics Ms Rhonda which always always receive fab comments! I hate those keyboard warriors that use social media to bully others. That kind of behaviour is neither social or of interest to the media (or it shouldn’t be) but with so many so-called celebrities trending because of various Twitter spats I think it sets a poor example

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    • Some of the pictures/videos on FB make me gasp with shock maybe I’ve led a too sheltered life but in my opinion videos of cruelty and appalling behaviour has no place. I saw a video a short time ago of a three year old swearing profusely and whilst everyone including her parents thought it was hilarious, I found it truly shocking.

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  6. Can’t face tweeting – seems to need far too much time and attention. My peeve is getting FB friend requests from people I’ve never met. And people’s likes and shares on FB can sometimes tell me more than I want/need to know about them and their politics. Never ceases to amaze me what people feel it’s okay to share.

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  7. People who leave lines such as this “nice blog! follow me and I’ll follow you.” Ah, no. Following each other is like a courtship to me. It takes time as I prefer building a virtual relationship with fellow bloggers. I don’t follow for the sake of having the other blogger follow me. I’ll follow a blogger if I like what I read, and it doesn’t matter whether they follow me back or not. On Facebook, I can’t stand people who dish out ‘ultra-intelligent’ comments on threads without acknowledging the point of the person they’re commenting on, and trying to appear righteous and giving a 1,500-character comment on anything. Get to the point! Sorry, it’s a bit long. Have a lovely day 🙂


  8. It all seems to take up so much valuable time, but I totally agree with you about the poor rescue animals. On FB I always share those posts. Always wishing that I could do more to help them too! The other posts I share are about missing animals, perhaps somebody will see them and if so, that’s a great thing.


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