Hatred Is A Feeling Which Leads To The Extinction Of Values

So should we hate all the people who are born apart from us just because of the colour of their skin or that they pray differently to us? And before you answer that remember that your insecurities and loathing are passed onto your children.

There have been times in my life when a random act of kindness from a stranger has made all the difference and I didn’t stop for a heartbeat to question my benefactor’s religion or him mine. It didn’t make the gesture any less worthwhile because I was a Christian and the donor a Muslim. It was simply one human being helping another in need by extending the hand of friendship.

I’ve shared meals and hospitality with people of all religions and have come away richer for the experience and been grateful for it. Now if you think that our civilised society is any better than that take a look at the videos of Black Friday where so-called enlightened members of the public are shoving others to the ground and stepping over them in an attempt to grab a bargain television out of another’s hands.

The tragedy in Paris is truly overwhelming and whatever I say will be woefully inadequate. Furthermore, if these terrorists succeed and we become suspicious and full of hatred towards all Muslims, then these extremists will have won.

Our thoughts & prayers are with those in Paris and know that we stand with you; God Bless you all


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