Are You There God?

Another week of loss & pain, it’s getting harder to believe that any love remains

And in a second someone’s lost their life, another husband of another wife
One more child’s daddy won’t see Xmas this year and everyone else is frozen with fear

The season of goodwill continues with hurt & tears
And through the media the face of terrorism sneers

Our bravest of soldiers fight for these lands
To release us from violence & death from a stranger’s hands

Is this a war we cannot win?
When hate comes knocking will we let it in?

Remain steadfast and together hold strong
For this war will not be short won

But don’t give up for this evil shall not prevail
None shall extinguish our candle because we won’t let our light fail

The beautiful photograph was supplied by Rhonda over at 50 Shades of Gray Hair

20 thoughts on “Are You There God?

  1. We just have to hold on to the fact that for each of those who would destroy all we hold dear there are a hundred who will reach out to strangers, open their homes, send their love donate their time and money, and while it does not lessen the pain for those grieving it gives us the hope that one day peace will win the war against ignorance xxx

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  2. . . as an ex-professional special forces soldier I can tell you, categorically that there is no god out there, only bankers, politicians and corporations of various denominations! I also take exception to ‘Our bravest of soldiers fight for these lands
    To release us from violence & death from a stranger’s hands’
    Soldiers fight for the corporations and the elites – they are not and never will be there to defend citizens from the enemies that Western foreign and economic policy/warfare create. Read ‘War Is A Racket’ by US Marine General Smedley Butler. Eulogising soldiers/mercenaries and thanking them for their service is utter bull$%!# – I can tell you from personal experience that soldiers don’t actually give a toss about ‘people’ and would as soon turn their guns on ‘citizens’ at home or targets designated abroad. People need to wake up to the realities of what the manufactured war around the world are actually all about – it isn’t about democracy, evil dictators who gas their own people and it certainly isn’t about freedom!
    All that said, I am not opposed to the empathy that you are expressing.

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    • Alan, coming from a service family with the youngest joining the army in January it is hope that will get me through. I agree with you completely about evil dictators and corporations but do we lie down and allow the atrocities to continue? I certainly don’t have all the answers but for those of us that have lost loved ones in these circumstances we need to make some sense of it all in order that we can comprehend our loss & their sacrifice


      • . . much of the terrorism in the world is the result of ‘blow-back’ from actions, in the main, by FUKUS/NATO. It is these nation states and their military forces (I can say that with considerable conviction having done that job) that are the true terrorists. That said, no level of violence is excusable from whatever source.

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