A Camera Is A Save Button For The Mind’s Eye

When it comes to photography I am no Rhonda, Gunta, Rebecca, Marianne or Madhu. I’d hoped that over the past four years some of their skills would have rubbed off on me but regrettably the photography fairy has failed to sprinkle a little pixie dust on me. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the very best WordPress photographers on joint projects but I still lack the fundamentals when it comes to capturing a great shot.

In honour of Pet Fostering week I thought I’d snap a couple of photos of Milo one of our failed fosters to help promote how worthwhile it is taking an animal in to provide them with the best possible chance of finding their furever home. I mean, after all how difficult can it be photographing your beloved pet, my blogging friends Animalcouriers do it all the time!

Two hours later, I’d broken out in a sweat, got through two bags of cat treats, a stiff glass of wine and still hadn’t managed to get a good shot of Milo; well one that didn’t make him look like yellow fang evil psycho cat. Eventually my perseverance paid off or either my subject was tiring and decided to submit gracefully to my bribery. You can see Milo’s close up here in which he’s a great ambassador for rescue cats and we succeeded in getting our message out there that fostering saves lives.For those interested in fostering head over to your local rescue where I’m sure a warm welcome awaits.

I have a true appreciation for the talents of all my photography blogging friends and their endeavours to provide the sleek glossy pictures that regularly grace their blogs but I realise that a lot of work goes in to providing the completed article. So I’m curious, tell me what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done whilst trying to capture that perfect shot?

"Enough already"

I’m the reason my family couldn’t put out the nativity scene this year as I ate the three wise men – Milo”

I drink out of the toilet - Hobo

I’m not ashamed that I drink out of the toilet – Hobo

I steal the neighbour's Koi Carp from his ornamental pond

I steal the neighbour’s Koi Carp from his ornamental pond – Chloe Hellcat

This is me after I stole a bag of cat nip & I'm too stoned to move

This is me after I ripped open a bag of cat nip & I’m too stoned to move – Charlie

11 thoughts on “A Camera Is A Save Button For The Mind’s Eye

  1. I guess just stand in precarious positions trying to get a good shot. Don’t fret, A LOT of taking a good shot is having a good camera, and knowing how to use it. After that, your basic question is, What do I leave in the shot and what do I leave out? Then, Where’s the light? And on and on, … Love your cats! Love you!


  2. You are too funny! And…too hard on yourself. What, may I ask, is wrong with the proffered photos? They are all great captures, my favorite being Hobo. While it does help to have good equipment, these days many a great photo comes from one cell phone or another. So…the trick is just to keep your preferred third eye handy, pay attention to detail, and shoot multiples of the same thing hoping one of them comes out the way your mind saw it. Voila….a photographer is born! 🙂

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      • All can be learned. But, I shall clap my trap and say thank you for your encouraging, and always positive words, and go practice learning to accept a compliment, which I currently have trouble with. I’m told it’s a very annoying habit of mine.

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  3. Delighted to get to meet your gorgeous feline companions! Each photo gives a great idea of their characters, along with the charming descriptions 😉 Yes, we do take photos of animals all the time but we’re not exactly successful all of the time! We resort to bribery and corruption often.


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