Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas

Of course, I couldn’t let this special time of the year pass without wishing you all a Happy & Safe Christmas from everyone at Dyson Abbey here in blustery old Plymouth. I hope you all get to spend time with those you love and are surrounded by laughter on this special of all days.

Be filled by wonder, be touched by peace & believe in the miracle

From our house to yours

From our house to yours

15 thoughts on “Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas

  1. Hope you have a good Christmas too with knitter of the century Ma, hope your Pa is on the mend and of course Bev big pants and everyone else I don’t know. Thank you for writing so I can read you and thank you for your support. Lots of love from us all xxx


    • More than you know whilst I was visiting my Dad I spent some time with 90 yrs young gent who told me he had been married to his wife for 67 years & spent 20 yrs looking after her when she got dementia before his accident. Now that has to be one of the greatest love stories ever

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