Hold On, I’m Having A Sequin Moment

The old dear last week handed me a bag of old photos that she had come across whilst having a clear out and I have spent a week in scanning heaven; simple things! I’d asked her to dig out my first school photo so that I could participate in a Twitter anti-bullying campaign. The photo in question shows me as a truculent and sullen four-year-old who clearly didn’t (and still doesn’t) enjoy having a photo taken and bears a strong resemblance to the children from the cult horror classic “Village of the Damned”. I should also mention that I only had half a fringe as whilst playing hairdressers with my sister had hacked it off to the roots with a pair of nail scissors. Mum still hasn’t been able to locate said picture but whilst searching she came across some other hidden gems including this one of my sister, Beverley Big Pants modelling one of my hand-made outfits! No doubt I’ll need to buy a shedload of gin as compensation for publishing this little beauty.

Back in the day when I was a hard-up student, I decided to put my dressmaking skills learned at school to good use. As I was so dire in the cookery class my harassed teacher had been relieved to offload me and school chum, Louise Williams onto the dressmaking teacher and rescue my poor family from potential salmonella poisoning when they were constantly forced to eat my latest incinerated culinary offering. To be fair I can follow any dressmaking or crochet pattern to this day and my ability with both smocking and ruffles was the envy of the class, however, none of the above qualified as “high fashion” statements at that time. In my limited and immature view, an abundance of sequins including various other adornments compensated for a lack of cutting edge style.

My mum gave me some old material and lining which she thought might just keep me busy & out of trouble and fortuitously my sister was to be the recipient of my needlework endeavours. There was just one small problem in that I lacked any talent in design or creativity. However, I clearly thought I was going to be the next Stella McCartney whilst I threaded my mum’s old Singer sewing machine with shirring elastic and frankly, any mis-stitch could be resolved with a flourish of sequins.

Unsurprisingly my clothing label never did make it to London Fashion Week and the Singer is now gathering dust in the attic.



14 thoughts on “Hold On, I’m Having A Sequin Moment

  1. Tink, it is so nice to read you! I hadn’t seen you in my reader and feared you gone. Now personally I think this is quite nice and can’t imagine it not making it to fashion week. Should I tell you my deep dark secret? My home economics teacher paid me off with a ‘B’ to not attend her class at all, just to stay away.

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  2. I missed you! Really enjoyed this especially since I learned on an old Singer and used to make all my clothes, which now that my home (and garden) is almost sold (due to my hubs leaving and divorcing me), I cannot seem to get rid of any! I remember every stitch and can’t bring myself to get rid of them. Anyway, hope you continue to write. Sewing and writing are your talents for sure! That’s a fantastic outfit! – Kaye


    • Oh Kaye, you have been in the wars. I haven’t written in a while as like you things haven’t been the smoothest of rides & when you’re going through a tough time the things you love the most are the things that tend to get shelved. But one thing I know dressmaking will not be making a comeback in my repertoire


  3. great insight and welcome back with your writing. I was wondering what happened to you and your stories, so good thoughts might have travelled. Your cooking classes sounded like mine, now I am single, it is to the fish & chip place when I can, or a lot of soups. As far as sewing, the skirt I made in class, was lined, however by the time I finished making it (what a chore!) my weight gain had happened and it didn’t fit. All that sewing, swearing and ripping out gone to waste. My full length apron was a success, yeah!

    Hope you are doing well

    D. Brenda Cooper Parksville, B.C. Canada

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