The True Spirit of Xmas Lies Within Your Heart

My lovely niece worked for Gala Bingo  (in our house it will be forever Galalala) whilst she was waiting to enlist in the British Army a few years’ ago and I remember proudly watching her laughing and chatting with some of the old folk whilst waiting to collect her one day. Afterwards she told me that many went there regularly as otherwise in the words of my old grandma “they wouldn’t see a soul all day”.

We all know some elderly that live alone within our communities that will now miss out on shopping trips, hairdressing appointments or a much needed afternoon out playing Bingo so it’s important now more than ever to keep an eye out for them which might be a phone call, dropping an unexpected gift on their doorstep, help with shopping just to let them know that they’re not alone. The winter months’ can be grim and lonely for many old folks and especially during this very difficult time when they will become even more isolated, so be a good neighbour and #checkin on them. After all it is the Season of Goodwill.

My Best Girls

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