The Secret to Remembering Someone is to Care

On today’s national Day of Reflection I’m thinking of my mum. There’s no reason that any of you would know her; she hasn’t run any marathons or won any medals but in a time when the NHS had fewer resources, she became a student nurse at 17 years old and then spent the rest of her working life as a community midwife. During which time she’s safely delivered countless babies, held the hands of heartbroken mothers who’d had stillborn births and after a 12 hour shift would sit a night vigil with a baby fighting for its life. She now has an End of Life diagnosis as a result of Covid and the reason for this post is that my family will be taking a moment to think of all of the millions of people, sadly too many no longer with us, that have suffered as result of the accursed illness who also have stories to tell. This beast of a year has changed us all in so many ways and we’ve learned what’s really important to each of us. Let’s hope we continue to remember others struggling through dark times and hold out a helping hand where we can