The Wall Of Fame

Thank you to Eat O Live, Czech the Flip, Cathy at a nomad in the land of nizwa and back to life for:

Thanks to Sue Ann’s Balcony,Angies Grapevine,Read Stuff With Me and Licking the plate again for

Big thanks to Eat O Live & Brief Hiatus:

Thanks to gypsy life, Minding the Minis and A Taste of Morning for:

Thank you too to the travelbunny for:

Big thanks to AKA Hello Greece! You ready for Adventures, NMNPHX,Clanmother,elladee_words,my student struggles, Rosalie Squires, Tranquil Dreams, Counsel4Living, Not Average Enough,Frankfurtmalin and brissiemaz for:

Big thanks to Time To Be Inspired, OrganisedClutter, Musical Chairs, Trip Wheels, Destination NOW, Dot knows! (elleturner4), Dear Kitty. Some blog, The View From The Palace, Dorothy at Reflections and On line Dating Journal for:
old laptop pictures 086

And thanks to Knitting Galore for:

A big thank you to Aisha @ expatlogue for nominating me for this one:

And thank you to these stars for adding a little extra sparkle to the Blog of the Year Award:
AKA Hello Greece! You ready for adventures?!
a nomad in the land of nizwa – an American English Teacher in Oman
La Vida Loca
Another Day in Paradise
Gypsy Life

Thanks to The Wanderlust Gene for:

Thanks to Viv’s View, magnificent Maddie at Breezy Books,Odie & Odie Mamma at EyesOfOdysseus, Dot knows! (elleturner4), elephants and gardens, GG’s World , Awkward Charm and artandkitchen for:

And thanks also to one of my blogging friends the lovely Grace over at Czech the Flip;

Love this one too so gratitude to Marvellous Marianne over at East of Malaga
blog award to give 3

Thanks to Sian a fellow expat from Turkey at To Fethiye and Beyond:
first-best-moment-award-winner (1)

Also the Vintage Postcard for:

Stunning Suzanne over at The Travelbunny for:

Thank you to Nora at Finding Ann MacGregor for:

From one of the most supportive bloggers I know, a big thanks to Sylvia at Another Day In Paradise:

The very fabulous Wivi at my guilty pleasures

And finally my FFB Award (Fabulous Fellow Bloggers Award) goes to all of you for reading, laughing and crying with me. For permitting me to share my story with you all and allowing me the privilege of sharing yours. You are without doubt amazing, insightful, passionate, intelligent and entertaining people in so many different ways; and your posts have brought me to tears and had me laughing out loud. Your pictures have me awed; and your recipes and advice have helped me share in your dreams, travels, hobbies and families. You have forgiven me countless silly mistakes; when I have accidentally deleted comments, I still can’t work out the dashboard and I used to think links were something on a bracelet. You have been there for me on the days filled with rainbows and again on the less than sunshine days. For your integrity, support and endless patience I will always be grateful.

Saw This & Thought Of You!

Saw This & Thought Of You!

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”

William Shakespeare

19 thoughts on “The Wall Of Fame

  1. Hey girl, just realised that you’ve already been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. I reckon you know all about it then. Here’s mine.


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