“All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer”.

I was always destined to be friends with someone who starts a sentence with “My aunt the white witch”. Boo has worked alongside me fighting the good fight against a common foe aka Poison Pen, for as long as I can remember. She has shared in the tears, the complete despair and frustration of working in a souless job. She too has been on the receiving end of many a stinging verbal attack from the Evil Queen and has also been there to bolster my spirits when it’s been my turn. In fact, after a particularly vicious verbal onslaught a bar of chocolate or cup of tea would somehow find its way to me, as if by magic, reminding me I was not alone.

Boo usually cycles into work, multi-tasking at the same time by wearing a face mask startling many a motorist en route. Even with a green face she still looks more supermodel than Wicked Witch of the West although another of her assets is she is blissfully unaware of drop-dead good looks; don’t we all love friends like those! She has the most infectious laughter together with a ditzy good-natured personality.

On one of our Christmas shopping trips when we shopped ‘til we dropped pausing only to visit a coffee shop; she remarked that I was probably glad I wasn’t a family member as I wouldn’t have to receive any of the tat she had bought for Christmas presents!

My particular favourite story about her is when one of her beloved cats went missing and she toured the neighbourhood, tin of cat food in hand. Finding her cat she brought him home but was perplexed when he spent the next week or so under her bed hissing & spitting when no amount of coaxing would entice him out to eat. The mystery was solved when her own errant cat eventually climbed in through the cat-flap one morning and took an instant dislike to the usurper who was installed under the bed. Realising her mistake, Boo at once liberated the fake cat so that he could be reunited with his family.

A chat over a quick latte with Boo can restore my sinking spirits on any rainy day and like many of my friends out there past and present who have been around to give me a lift when life has seemed a tad unfair …………. thank you for being there!

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