Don’t Judge People You Never Know What Kind Of Battle They’re Fighting

Last weekend in a weak moment (and the promise of a cup of tea in the cafeteria) Dad agreed to accompany me to the supermarket for a big food shop. I managed to find a parking space not too far away from the entrance as his mobility is not too great at the moment and he won’t be running any marathons.

A pot of Earl Grey and two toasted tea cakes later, we returned to the car to find that some inconsiderate individual has parked so close that I was unable to open my driver’s door even two inches. I returned to the customer service desk to ask them to tannoy the owner of the vehicle not once but three times and some fifteen minutes later an irate man approximately of retirement age stormed up to the desk and demanded to know why he’d been summoned as he’d already checked his vehicle for damage but could see none. When I pointed out the problem, he sneered at me and remarked that I was “too much of a princess to get in the passenger side and slide across”. Truthfully, I was stunned by his attitude and couldn’t help but wonder whether his lack of compassion had been passed on to his offspring. As it was another wet and windy day, my first priority had been to manoeuvre my Dad into the car first and frankly as it had taken us some time to get him seated comfortably I was loath to unload him again.

Obviously I was more than a tad unhappy with this chap’s behaviour and less than impressed when he started to berate me rather loudly; had my father been out of earshot no doubt I would have responded with a few choice words of my own. He did, however, eventually move his car laughing all the way and again carelessly parked rather too close to yet another vehicle.

Is it wrong to expect a little basic consideration and courtesy from another human being or are they truly a thing of the past? Have good manners along with apologies become obsolete or do we live in a society which no longer needs them? In my world “please” and “thank you” along with “sorry” will always be magic words.

One of my Turkish Facebook friends posted this and on this wet & windy morning in Devon, it helped to renew my faith a little.

Can I remind you all that you still have time to email me any good news for one of my upcoming posts. I think with the earth tremors, floods, gales & snow that we could all do with sharing a little bit of happy.