Honesty Is A Very Expensive Gift, Don’t Expect It From Cheap People

Today my Dad answered a random phone call from a call centre when a young man proceeded to tell him that he was telephoning regarding a minor traffic accident that my Dad had allegedly been involved in. As his car has sat on the drive since last October when he had his first stroke, the young man had become flustered when my Dad interrogated him further and had abruptly hung up. The caller’s number had, of course, been withheld which prevented us from reporting the call to the authorities concerned.

My Dad is a savvy old chap and would enjoy speaking to anyone who would indulge an eccentric pensioner (particularly as he’s now fairly housebound)so most telephone canvassers regret calling our house on account of the fact that they won’t be meeting their sales targets on a day their automated switchboard dials our number.

However, you do have to ask yourself what kind of person deceives the most vulnerable in this callous way to obtain their financial information. What would make anyone want to earn their living misleading and defrauding someone of their life savings? Most people would be startled to receive such a call and in that anxious moment, may inadvertently provide personal details to the unknown caller. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had some crappy jobs, some of which I’ve absolutely loathed but at least I’ve not suffered from insomnia as a result of obtaining my salary through others’ misfortune.

As we live in a techno age where it is virtually impossible to catch the perpetrators, one has to ask how low can scammers sink. I’m guessing most of you will be able to tell me?

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